A Bride's Guide to Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle (2024)

You should feel confident, beautiful, and authentically yourself every day, and your wedding day is no exception! Choosing a wedding hairstyle that makes this happen is key. With countless options available, from elegant updos to romantic braids and chic ponytails, there's a world of possibilities to explore. Whether you're looking for a timeless classic or a modern twist, the right hairstyle can complete your bridal look and help you shine on your special day. We'll dive into a variety of wedding hairstyles that cater to diverse hair types, lengths, and textures, while also considering factors such as your dress, the weather, and your personal comfort, ensuring that every bride can find inspiration tailored to their unique style and personality.

5 KEY THINGS to Consider When CHOOSing Your Bridal Hairstyle
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1. Complement Your Outfit With Your Hairstyle

When choosing your wedding hairstyle, it's essential to consider how it will complement your bridal outfit. Take into account the neckline, back, and overall design of your dress. If your gown features intricate details like lace, beading, or embroidery, you may want to opt for a hairstyle that allows these elements to shine. For example, a sleek bun or a low updo can showcase a beautifully detailed back or an ornate neckline. On the other hand, if your dress has a simpler design, you might choose a more intricate or voluminous hairstyle to balance the overall look. Additionally, you can consider the fabric and movement of your dress; if it's a flowing, bohemian-style gown, loose waves or a soft, braided updo would make for a cohesive look.

2. Weatherproof Your Wedding Hairstyle

In addition to your outfit, be sure to factor in the weather conditions you'll likely encounter on your big day. This is especially important if you're getting married during the summer months when high temperatures and humidity can affect your hairstyle. If you're anticipating a hot and humid wedding day, consider hairstyles that will keep you feeling comfortable and looking fresh throughout the festivities. An updo, such as a sleek bun or a romantic chignon, can be a great choice as it keeps your hair away from your face and neck, preventing it from sticking to your skin or becoming frizzy. If you prefer wearing your hair down, opt for styles that incorporate braids or twists, as they can help control and manage your hair in humid conditions. Your hairstylist should have recommendations for anti-frizz products and strong-hold hairsprays to ensure your chosen style stays put, even in the heat.

3. Work With Your Natural Hair Type & Texture

While skilled stylists can work wonders, working with your hair's natural characteristics can make the styling process easier and ensure that your chosen look lasts throughout the day. If you have fine, straight hair, consider styles that add volume and dimension, such as loose waves, a textured updo, or a half-up, half-down style with teasing at the roots. For brides with short hair, your stylist can help you find ways to create the illusion of volume and texture, such as a side-swept style with pinned waves, a vintage-inspired finger wave look, or a textured pixie with a decorative headpiece. If you have thick, curly, or wavy hair, embracing your natural texture can create a stunning and effortless bridal look. Opt for styles that showcase your curls or waves, such as a loose, romantic updo or a half-up style with flowing curls. Discuss your hair type and texture with your stylist, as they can recommend styles that will work best with your natural hair and suggest products that will help maintain the look throughout the festivities.

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4. Prioritize Your Comfort And Personal Style

Remember to prioritize your comfort and personal style preferences. After all, you want to feel like the best version of yourself on your wedding day! If you typically wear your hair in a ponytail or bun on a daily basis, you might feel most confident and comfortable on your wedding day with a hairstyle that reflects your go-to look. Choose a style that reflects your everyday look but with an elevated twist. For example, a sleek, low bun with a few face-framing tendrils can be a sophisticated and comfortable choice. Alternatively, a chic, high ponytail with a bit of volume at the crown can be a stylish option that keeps your hair away from your face. On the other hand, if you love wearing your hair down and feel most confident with your locks flowing freely, a half-up, half-down style or loose, romantic waves might be more suitable for you. Ultimately, the key is to choose a hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and true to yourself. Don't feel pressured to conform to traditional bridal hairstyles if they don't align with your personal style.

5. Put It All Together With A Wedding Hair Trial

Once you've narrowed down your wedding hairstyle vision, a hair trial is the next step. During a hair trial, you'll work closely with your stylist to discuss your vision, experiment with different styles, and make any necessary adjustments to achieve just the right look. This process helps to alleviate stress and uncertainty on your wedding day, as you'll have a clear idea of how your hair will look and feel. Additionally, a hair trial gives you the opportunity to assess the longevity and comfort of your chosen style, ensuring that it will hold up throughout the event. You can also use this time to discuss and experiment with different hair accessories, such as veils, headpieces, or flowers, to see how they complement your overall look. A trial also allows you to build a rapport with your stylist, establishing clear communication and trust, which will be invaluable on your wedding day.

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Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Every Bride: Find Your Signature Look
  1. Classic updo: A timeless and elegant choice, updos can be sleek, textured, or accented with braids or twists.
  2. Loose waves: Romantic and effortless, loose waves can be achieved with a curling iron or hair rollers for a softer look.

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  3. Half-up, half-down: This versatile style allows you to showcase your hair's length while keeping it away from your face.
  4. Braided crown: A braided crown can add a bohemian or romantic touch to your bridal look, and it works well with various hair lengths.
  5. Sleek ponytail: A polished ponytail can be a chic and modern option, especially for brides with long hair.
  6. Textured bun: A messy or textured bun can create a relaxed yet sophisticated appearance.

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  7. Adorned styles: Incorporate hair accessories like floral crowns, delicate hair pins, or elegant combs for a special touch.
  8. Natural curls and coils: Embrace your natural texture by styling your curls or coils in a way that showcases their beauty.
  9. Braided updos: Combine braids and updos for a romantic and intricate style that adds visual interest to your bridal look.
  10. Vintage-inspired finger waves: Channel old Hollywood glamour with sleek, sculpted finger waves for a bold and distinctive look.

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By taking into account factors such as your dress, the weather, your natural hair type, and your everyday comfort level, you can narrow down the options and find a style that makes you feel confident, beautiful, and authentically yourself. Remember that a hair trial is an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with your stylist, experiment with different looks, and ensure that your vision comes to life on your special day. Whether you opt for a classic updo, romantic waves, a chic ponytail, or a style adorned with beautiful accessories, the key is to choose a hairstyle that complements your unique bridal look and allows you to shine on your wedding day. With the right hairstyle and a confident smile, you'll be ready to make memories as you celebrate your love story in style.

A Bride's Guide to Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle (2024)
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