A Simple Guide to Make the Perfect DIY Flower Bouquet (2024)


A Simple Guide to Make the Perfect DIY Flower Bouquet (1)

No matter the occasion, flowers are a gift that speaks more than words. It conveys a message from the sender while enhancing the mood of the receiver.

Flowers can be expensive for various reasons; one of those is the fact that you may want a specific bloom that isn’t available locally. This could end up costing you quite a penny. Another reason is if you need a floral arrangement urgently and pay someone to do it for you.

There are times when you need to enlist the help of professional flower arrangers but then there are times you probably wished you could put a bouquet together yourself. There’s nothing as special as receiving a personalized ‘happy birthday’ bouquet from someone you love.

If that’s something you’re considering then the following information will be helpful to you.

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The Purpose of Your Bouquet

You would first need to decide what purpose the bouquet will serve. Do you want it to be on display for all to see or is it up to the recipient to arrange it as desired? This will determine whether you’ll put it in a decorated holder or wrap it in a loose bunch.

If you’ve decided on a container, you could explore using uncommon ones for something slightly different. Putting a bunch of flowers in a teapot could give your arrangement a unique finish. You could also use empty bottles, mason jars, or watering cans.

Ensure you’re dressed appropriately by either wearing an apron or old clothes. Of course, the primary item is your flowers that you’ll choose based on your or the recipient’s preference.

You’ll need a sharp and robust cutter to cut through thick or woody stems. Household scissors might not suffice. If there are thorns on any of your stems, you might need a thorn stripper as well.

If you’re using a container, consider green floral foam to hold the arrangement in place. Waterproof florist adhesive could come in handy, and perhaps some wire that helps keep your flowers in place.

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Choosing the Right Flowers

When it comes to fresh flowers, it’s always best to choose those in season. It’ll be easier to find and less expensive.

Choose colors that suit each other but keep an open mind as you might not find certain flowers in bloom. Using varying sizes and shapes allows you to choose from a wider variety.

Enhancing Your Bouquet

A floral bouquet doesn’t only consist of flowers. You can add some fillers to complete your bouquet and give it a fuller look.

Examples are baby’s breath, which is very popular in bouquets, bells of Ireland, which can add some height, and fiddlehead fern (a stem with a curly tip) which’s one of a kind.

Holly is another popular filler, especially in arrangements over the Christmas period. Its red berry look adds an air of freshness to any bouquet.

The leather leaf fern has a fan-like shape and is beautiful as a backdrop to any bright colored flower.

The lily of the valley is typical at weddings because of its delicate white appearance and symbolizes purity and happiness.

Arranging Your Bouquet

The size of your container or vase should match the number of flowers you’ll be using. If necessary, trim them down to fit. Remove all excess leaves and unwanted buds. When cutting the stems, do so at an angle before placing them in water with cut flower food.

When arranging them in a vase, start by creating a grid with tape over the top of your vessel. Then place the stems through the openings to help them stay in places. Start with the largest flowers first and then add the rest according to the size.

Finish the display off with the fillers you’ve chosen and that compliment the flowers. If there are flowers that don’t remain in the position you’ve arranged them, you can use wire or string to secure them to the others.

Allow the arrangement to have a dome shape instead of having your flowers up straight and to the sides. If you’ve got focal flowers bigger than others or bolder in color, then arrange them in odd numbers and various angles.

Spray the bouquet with some water to give it a fresh look.

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Preserving Your Flowers

To ensure your blossoms last a little bit longer, change the water regularly to prevent a build-up of algae. With each water change, trim the stem a little bit. By cutting the ends you’re removing the part that’s dying and it’ll be able to absorb water again.

Store the bouquet away from your fruit as they release a gas which may result in your flowers dying. It’ll also help if you avoid direct sunlight as this could wilt your arrangement.

If the florets are in a vase, drop a penny in the water. This copper coin helps protect the flowers from bacteria, and together with keeping them cool, will sustain them for an extended period.

Flower food is another helpful agent in prolonging the life of your floral arrangement. Only a little bit is needed whenever you change the water. If you don’t have any ready-made, make your own by mixing some bleach, citrus juice, and sugar.

In Closing

Everyone can agree that having a bouquet in your home brightens it and adds to the ambiance.

Although it takes a little bit of skill to put together the right combination of colors and sizes, it isn’t impossible.

Ensuring you’ve got the correct equipment, a variety of fresh blossoms which have been cut and cleaned, some fillers to complete the arrangement, and a suitable vase, you’re all set to make a beautiful array.

Whether the bouquet is for your friend or yourself, ensure that it’s taken care of and enjoyed for a few more days than anticipated.

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A Simple Guide to Make the Perfect DIY Flower Bouquet (2024)
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