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Like the No Time to Explain exotic pulse rifle, Outbreak Perfected is a rework of a very old Destiny 1 weapon from the distant past. Reintroduced in the Destiny 2: Forsaken era and brought back yet again during Into the Light as part of the lead-up to The Final Shape, Outbreak Perfected is a unique weapon that wields SIVA nanites to deadly effect.

The new version of the Zero Hour mission remains mostly the same as the original with a few tweaks, but here, we'll cover the weapon itself.

Follow our dedicated walkthrough to complete Zero Hour.


Outbreak Perfected (Into the Light)

  • The Corruption Spreads (Exotic Trait): This weapon creates SIVA nanite swarms on rapid hits and precision kills
  • Parasitism: This weapon does more damage to enemies based on the number of SIVA nanites that attach to them
  • Barrel: Arrowhead Break, Corkscrew Rifling, Chambered Compensator, Smallbore, Full Bore, Polygonal Rifling, Fluted Barrel, Hammer-Forged Rifling, Extended Barrel
  • Magazine: Alloy Magazine, Flared Magwell, Steady Rounds, Appended Mag, Tactical Mag, Extended Mag, Accurized Rounds
  • Trait:Outlaw,Rapid Hit,Rewind Rounds,Headseeker
  • Stock: Fitted Stock, Short-Action Stock, Composite Stock, Hand-Laid Stock

The Corruption Spreads Zero Hour First Vault Puzzle

Outbreak Perfected's Intrinsic exotic perk can be upgraded by solving a series of obtuse puzzles within Zero Hour. We'll walk you through each step in the process.

The Corruption Spreads II

To start, get to the first combat room with Shanks, Vandals, and a few Captains. To the left of the stairwell with the force field blocking your progress until you eliminate everything, there's an alleyway with a few keypads on a shelf to the left. Interact with it to pick one up, then proceed to the next combat arena with a Brig in it.

Once you clear out all of the enemies, go to the top of the ramp where you came into this area. Interact with it to access the console. This activates the Temporary Clearance Granted buff for 45 seconds. With it active, you have to shoot a series of targets.

Look for a small hologram projector on the ground in the corner of this area near where you exit.

It will project a specific symbol you have to shoot at with Outbreak Perfected between three locations:


On the side of the building in the center of the area:

On the broadside of an obelisk facing the central building:

Near the projector, one level below the ledge:

The order is randomized, so look at what the projector shows and match it up with one of the targets before firing. Once you've done it corrected, you'll see "Sequence Accepted" pop up in your feed.

The final step in this process is to solve the vault puzzle in the large room just before the boss fight (the room that looks similar to Shaxx's Hall of Champion) after the floor tile puzzle but before you drop down the small hole in the back-right room. As you enter the vault, there's a console screen on the left side near the bottom-left door.

Everything you did leading up to this was to unlock this room. You have to interact with six consoles in the correct order. We've labeled them in the correct order above, but remember that this is a map of the area so the orientation is a little bit different. Here's a step-by-step breakdown from the first-person perspective:

  • Enter the vault room and interact with the first console on the right
  • Go directly across the room to interact with the second console just inside the door on the left
  • Exit the vault room and interact with the exterior console to your right
  • Go back inside the vault room and hit the console to the back-left
  • Use the console across from it on the back-right side
  • Exit the vault room, turn left, and interact with the exterior console that's furthest away

If you've done all of the above correctly, you'll receive a notification, the upgrade unlocked, and a piece of the ship schematic.


The Corruption Spreads Zero Hour Second Vault Puzzle

The Corruption Spreads III

The second "secret" vault puzzle to upgrade the Corruption Spreads begins where the mission diverges for the Outbreak Refined quest in the Covert Passage area with the dropship on the left and the vents on the right where you find the pairs of switches.

For this one, the console you must interact with to initiate the sequence is located behind the ship you typically slip under for this mission, within an opening on that far wall.

The three switches are located in the following places:

Under the stairs near the projector as you walk out of the nook and turn left:

On the platform above the dropships under the short staircase (just left of where you drop in this area):

On the topmost platform close to the railing near the same wall as the projector nook:


For us, the sequence was top, bottom, then middle. Once you input this correctly, you'll get a notification confirming it. From here, proceed in the mission as normal until you reach the Vanguard vault. Visit the same console you referenced the last time around, and the diagram will look slightly different because activating those nodes opened a different vault.

Follow the sequencing above. From the terminal with this map, turn right and enter the vault two doors down on the left and do the following:

  • Enter the vault and use the console directly in front of you
  • Circle around the central structure to the left and interact with the next console
  • Move to the back of that central structure, then jump up to interact with the elevated console in the back of the room
  • Exit the vault and go across the hall. Interact with the console to the far right
  • Turn to your left and interact with the adjacent console on the other side of the nearby vault
  • Head back into the second vault and use the final console on the right side of the room

Once you do that, you should unlock The Corruption Spreads III and the second piece of the Vimara Junker Schematic.

The Corruption Spreads Zero Hour Third Vault Puzzle

This will go live on May 28.

Outbreak Refined Quests: How to Unlock Alternate Traits

Ada-1 offers a weekly series of quests called Outbreak Refined that unlock the option to equip alternate core traits on a crafted version of Outbreak Perfected instead of the default, which is Outlaw.

Here's a breakdown of all the steps involved with each mini-quest:


Outbreak Refined I (Rapid Hit)

  • Defeat Fallen in the Cosmodrome to claim Inert SIVA Clusters.
  • Toggle the first pair of switches in Exotic mission "Zero Hour" on Legend difficulty. Launch the mission from the "Into the Light" subscreen on your Director.
  • Complete the Exotic mission "Zero Hour" on Legend difficulty. Launch the mission from the "Into the Light" subscreen on your Director.
  • Speak with Ada-1 in the Tower Annex.

To find the two unique switches on Legend difficulty, turn right as you drop down instead of left when you enter Covert Passage (this is the area where you enter the vent under a dropship). Head toward the raised ventilation shafts shaped like a capital "E." You can drop in via the top-right corner.

Follow that passage through another room and some more vents until you reach a silo leading down to a bridge. Below that will be another bridge with some enemies. Flip the switch in the corner above some red pipes, and then flip the switch on the small ledge on the side of this area. You'll see "Catalyst Switch Primed" pop up on your feed with a countdown.

Turn around and leap to the corner set of red pipes to the far left.

Follow that path and jump up the waterfall directly ahead. You'll emerge on a platform above with some numbered latches on either side. You'll see a latch with a large "03" to the left, and since the latch is open, you can jump on top of the edge.

Continue upward (there are a series of tiny platforms similar to the waterfall on the wall if you face 45 degrees left from the 03) until you reach an opening in the wall. Go inside the storeroom and turn left. On your left on the other side of the shelving will be the second switch on the wall.


Flipping this within the time limit automatically unlocks Outbreak Refined I.

If you bungle reaching the second switch within the timer, continue on anyway. You can do the switches in reverse order, and it's actually far easier to do so. Simply drop back down on top of latch 3, and look for the opening across the chasm. Once you're inside, it's an easy few hops to reach that first switch.

Note that you can also do these switches in the reverse order, but you'll still have to reach the second switch via this path either way.

Outbreak Refined II (Rewind Rounds)

  • Defeat Fallen in the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector in the Cosmodrome to claim Inert SIVA Clusters.
  • Toggle the second pair of switches in Exotic mission "Zero Hour" on Legend difficulty. Launch the mission from the "Into the Light" subscreen on your Director.
  • Complete the Exotic mission "Zero Hour" on Legend difficulty. Launch the mission from the "Into the Light" subscreen on your Director.
  • Speak with Ada-1 in the Tower Annex.

To reach the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector, deploy to The Steppes near Shaw Han and turn around to proceed south into The Divide (where a Fallen Walker regularly spawns).

Jump on top of a stretch of crumbling road to reach a large tank and then proceed through the hole in the wall ahead. If you've yet to do Outbreak Refined I, then you can double dip here with the first step. Simple proceed through the Lost Sector exclusively using Outbreak Perfected, and you should get enough.

The second pair of switches are, blissfully, far easier to achieve than the first. You have to take the same alternate route that you did for Outbreak Refined I. (You can also do these in the same Legend run, but you will be pressed for time.) In the storeroom with the second switch, there's a vent you can destroy close to the ceiling. This leads to a narrow area with thin ledges on either side you can hop to.

There'll be one enemy on each pair of ledges, and your first switch will be on one of the earliest ledges on the right. Take a bit of time to progress through this area and eliminate all of the enemies first. The exit is on the last ledge to the left, but there's also a switch there that activates a series of bridges that span between each pair of ledges. Activate that, then double back to the first switch, flip it, then exit the area via the vent next to the bridge switch.


You'll turn right, then drop down. Turn left around the set of red pipes, and that second switch will be on the other side. This will trigger the next step. (Unless you're really amped to unlock it, you might as well wait until the following week to complete the mission once on Legend difficulty to earn all three at once.)

Outbreak Refined III (Headseeker)

  • Defeat Fallen in "The Devils' Lair" strike in the Cosmodrome to claim Inert SIVA Clusters.
  • Toggle the final pair of switches in Exotic mission "Zero Hour" on Legend difficulty. Launch the mission from the "Into the Light" subscreen on your Director.
  • Complete the Exotic mission "Zero Hour" on Legend difficulty. Launch the mission from the "Into the Light" subscreen on your Director.
  • Speak with Ada-1 in the Tower Annex.

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