The Legend of Dragoon Complete Walkthrough (2024)

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Author's Notes: Okay, this is not yet entirely complete. I know I'm missing the Magician Faust sidequest. Sorry. I'll get to it. A rewrite is also in the future but not right now. If you have questions, use the email above.

Greetings and welcome to my Legend of Dragoon walkthrough. I have tried very hard to ensure that there will be no spoilers, except the unavoidable ones inherent in writing a walkthrough. I spent over 200 hours of my personal time working on this, so PLEASE do not copy it! If you would like to post it on your page--unaltered--give me credit and email me at

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Table of Contents

Chapter One: The Serdian War

Part I: Seles
Part II: Rescue Shana
Part III: Journey to Bale
Part IV: Bale
Part V: Hoax
Part VI: The Marshland Fort
Part VII: Volcano Villude
Part VIII: The Dragon's Nest
Part IX: Lohan

Part XI: The Hero Match
Part XII: Hellena Again
Part XIII: Black Castle

Chapter Two: Platinum Shadow

Part I: Fletz
Part II: The Barrens
Part III: Donau, the Flower City
Part IV: Fletz, Take Two
Part V: The Valley of Corrupted Gravity
Part VI: Defeat the Gehrich Gang
Part VII: Loose Ends
Part VIII: Bandits Afoot Again
Part IX: Queen Fury
Part X: The Phantom Ship
Part XI: Lidiera
Part XII: Fueno
Part XIII: The Prison Island

Chapter Three: Fate and Soul

Part I: Water City Furni
Part II: Evergreen Forest
Part III: Deningrad
Part IV: The Dragon Block Staff
Part V: Deningrad Again
Part VI: The Mountain of Mortal Dragon
Part VII: Kashua Glacier
Part VIII: Fort Magrad
Part IX: Vellweb

Chapter Four: Moon and Fate

Part I: Death Frontier
Part II: Spring Breath Town Ulara
Part III: Running Around the World Map
Part IV: Frontier Village Rouge
Part V: Magical City Aglis
Part VI: Dragoon Towers Sidequest
Part VII: Law City Zenebatos
Part VIII: Death City Mayfil
Part IX: The Divine Tree
Part X: Personal Battles
Part XI: The Final Battle

Chapter One: The Serdian War

Part I: Seles

Items Found: Burn Out
Items Won: Healing Potion (x4), Burn Out
Stardust: 1

After the opening cinema and the scene with Feyrbrand, the Green Tusked Dragon, you will enter the ravaged village of Seles. An ! will appear, prompting you to jump over the fence (press X). You will fight two Knights of Sandora. They are easy enemies, particularly if you are able to complete the Double Slash Addition. There is a Burn Out in the chest. After you retrieve that, go in search of Plos, the mayor. You will fight two more Knights of Sandora and a Knight Commander. Kill the Knights first, then take their commander out. You will win two Healing Potions and a Burn Out. After the battle, head up to speak to Master Tasman. If you think your playing skills are shaky, agree to fight him. He'll teach you some of the basics of the game. (This is Sony's cop-off of Square's in-game tutorial.) Before you leave the village, check the tombstones. One of them has a Stardust hidden on it. This stone will become rather important in the later parts of this game. Having gotten the Stardust, make sure your fighting skills are up to par, and battle with Master Tasman if you need to. When you're ready, leave Seles and head to the forest.

Part II: Rescue Shana

Items Found: Healing Potion, Charm Potion, 20G (x3), Burn Out (x2), Angel's Prayer (x2), Leather Jacket, 50G, Spark Net, Key to Shana's Cell (Key)
Items Won: Healing Potion (x4), Knight Shield
Shops: Items (the Merchant in the forest, and the Merchant in Hellena)

Enter the forest. There is a merchant above you and to the left. He will explain some of the basics of shopping, if you need him to, and using Items. He will also sell you items. Having concluded your business with him, head upward. Where the two paths come together, follow the downward fork for a Burn Out. In the next screen, climb up the tree trunk. There is a treasure chest with a Charm Potion near the top of the screen. In the next screen, go around the bend of the path you find yourself on. The path immediately below you leads to 20G. From the chest, take the upper path to get to a four-way crossroads. There, take the southwest path for a Burn Out.

Go back to the crossroads and take the northwest path to leave. Go down the next tree trunk and you will see a brief memory sequence. In the next screen, just follow the path. You will be back on the world map. Head for Hellena Prison and save outside! Once there, hop on the merchant's cart by pressing the X button when the ! appears. When you hop off, there will be a save point. Head up to get a Burn Out. Head out the door to your left. Go right and up the path, then up the ladder. In the next screen, head down the path to the save point. Head into the door to get into the guards' barracks. Here you will find an Angel's Prayer, a Leather Jacket, and 50G. (Those guards must be paid well for what they do, considering the scarcity of money in this game.) Head back out and take the elevator up. Go into the door on your left and you will meet the Knights of Basil. Lavitz will join you. Behind the gate in this room is a skeleton . . . poor thing. Head left, staying on the outer part of the circle.

The first cell door in the second room will yield you a small amount of information and a Spark Net. In the next cell, hop on the boxes to reach a treasure chest with 20G. Don't ask me how a prisoner in Hellena managed to hide away 20G, because I don't know. Keep heading left. You can leave this area of the prison where blue light shines through a gap in the outer wall. Fight the Warden and take the elevator up. Check the door to the right, and you will find out that it is locked. Well, where there is a lock, there is generally a key. (Unless you're traveling with Locke Cole of FF6, in which case you pick the lock. ^_^) Head left and go up the steps to your immediate left. Cross the bridge and examine the sparkle on the box. Guess what? It's a key! Go back to the locked door and open it. Once inside, head left. The first cell yields 20G. Then fight the three guards. After you find Shana, equip her with a Leather Jacket. Head to the left and into a cell for 20G. Keep heading left. As before, the way out is where you see blue light through the gap in the wall. Take the two elevators down and save. Head right and speak with your old buddy the merchant again. As you try to leave, the Head Warden Freugel and his goons decide that they don't like that idea too much.

Boss Fight: Freugel (Earth), 2 Head Wardens (Fire), 2 Senior Wardens (Fire)
A Burn Out works wonders against Freugel. Have Shana attack him with those, because her physical attacks are laughably weak. Dart and Lavitz should hit the guards with physical attacks. Have Shana use healing items if it becomes necessary, which it shouldn't. For winning this battle, you get four Healing Potions and a Knight Shield.

Equip the Knight Shield to Shana, because like her physical attacks, her defense is nonexistent. Escape Hellena and enter the grassland. A few idiots will chase you and get distracted by a squirrel. That is the last you will see of them. After the guards leave, take the northwest path to see a river, which you cannot jump across. Head back and take the southwest path. You will find a cabin. After the flashback, you may use the chair to recover your HP if you need to. Now head to the left and examine the tree. Head back to the shack and wander about until you find an axe. Go back to the tree and hack it down. Go back to the river and you can cross it. In the next screen, head up to get an Angel's Prayer. Talk to the Serdian family, and head north to leave.

Part III: Journey to Bale

Items Found: Detonate Rock, 20G, Bastard Sword, Total Vanishing, Body Purifier (x2), 100G, Angel's Prayer, Burn Out, Poison Guard, Spark Net, Charm Potion, Bandana, Healing Potion, 50G
Items Won: Wargod's Amulet

Enter the cave. The chest to your left contains a Detonate Rock. Slide down the waterfall to get 20G. Go back up and press left HARD on your control pad/analog stick all the way down the slide to get a Bastard Sword. Now hop across the rocks to get a moment of minor drama, a Total Vanishing, and a Body Purifier. In the next area, head up for 100G. Go back and check out the yellow floaty things for a) an example of the thoughtlessness of men and b) some healing. Since you are at a recovery point, you may as well level up. There is a Burn Out above the Rock Fireflies, and an Angel's Prayer to the right of it.

You'll probably want to be at about level 6 or 7 (for all your characters) before you face the boss of the cave. In this game, it's a really good practice to level up at recovery points, because there is no such thing as the Tents I remember so fondly from Final Fantasy. Anyway, once you're sufficiently leveled up, head down and through the little pools of water. Head straight up and find a rat-like creature that jumps from rock to rock. Chase it until you touch it. It will jump to a far rock. Jump to that rock and it disappears, leaving behind a Poison Guard that will be invaluable very soon. Equip the Poison Guard to Dart. There is a Spark Net in the other chest. Head back into the previous room and down for a Charm Potion, then head to the right. Save. There is a Body Purifier in the left chest and a Bandana to the right. Now prepare to meet the boss of the cave. By the way, if you happened to win any other Poison Guards from the creatures in this cave, equip the first one to Albert. If you have one left over, stick it on Shana, or leave her with the Knight Shield.

Boss Fight: Urobulos (Earth)
This boss is not too difficult. Just smack him around with Additions. When you get him down into the red HPs, he will slide into crevices in the rock, and your attacks will not be able to reach him. Have Shana attack with her bow and arrow, and have Dart and Albert use Dark Mists (which you may have won from the Orc enemies), Spark Nets, and Burn Outs. Urobulos will be dead in no time, and you'll get a Wargod's Amulet for your trouble. Head out of the cave. In the next room, the treasure chest to the right is a Healing Potion. Just before you exit the cave, there is another chest, again on the right, containing 50G.

Part IV: Bale

Items Found: Lavitz' Portrait (key), 50G, Sparkle Arrow, 50G, 100G, Active Ring, Bottle of Spirits (key, costs 100G), 20G (x3), Healing Breeze
Shops: Weapons, Items, Inn, Clinic
Stardust: 6

When you enter Bale, go into the first door on the left to get Lavitz' Portrait from a love-struck artist girl. There's 50G in the chest by the door. When you visit the shops, DO NOT buy a Sparkle Arrow. In the Weapon Shop, check the spears for a Stardust. There is another Stardust in the well outside Lavitz' house. Now head to the castle. Head up to the area like a red circle. There is another Stardust in the fireplace. (Strange place for it . . . but you'll find a lot of Stardust in fireplaces. Goddess only knows why.) Now go up the stairs. In the left-hand room is 50G. Go down the ladder in the north, then down the next ladder and turn the wheel. Climb back up. Now head up the stairs. Check out the alcove where the woman in white is moving around. Near the window, there is a Stardust. In the right-hand room is 100G. Now check out the southwest alcove. Go across the bridge and down the ladder for an Active Ring. Go back and head up the central stairs to meet King Albert. Head outside to see Shana.

After you speak to her, go find the bar in Bale (it's right by the Inn.) Purchase a bottle of spirits. (No, you cannot drink it. Sorry.) Leave the bar and go down the steps, then under the fountain. Give the booze to Dran and he will get out of your way. Head past him and up the stairs. See where the river is? Behind the wall north of it, there is a tiny alcove to the right. The treasure chest there has 20G in it. Head down the north tunnel (the eastern one is a dead end) and climb the ladder. The treasure chest to your right has 20G. Go back down the ladder and hop into the boat.

You'll float past the drunken Dran. When given a choice, hop off the boat and go through the door. Check the barrels against the northern wall for a Stardust. Head back to your boat and hop out again when it docks. Now it's time to visit Lavitz's house, but if you wish, you may want to stop by the Library and learn a bit more about the world. The Library is in the area behind the Weapon Shop. The clinic, should you need to be treated, is also there. Once in Lavitz' house, you'll see a conversation. Head to the kitchen and check the spice cabinet for a Stardust. There's 20G in the room next to the kitchen. Have a nice meal, and before you leave, head back onto the roof. Head across to the stable loft. Whenever Dart starts to tilt, hit the X button as fast as you can and keep doing it until he regains his balance. You get a nice Healing Breeze for your trouble. Now you can finally get out of Dodge--uh, I mean, Bale. By the way, you should now have 7 Stardust.

Part V: Hoax

Items Found: Angel's Prayer, Healing Potion, 20G
Items Won: Power Wrist
Stardust: 2

By now, you should have mastered both Dart's and Lavitz's first Additions. I have Volcano at level 3 and Spinning Cane at level 1 right now. (I tend to master my Additions in order, lowest to highest, because that way it's easier for me to keep track. It's your choice, of course, but you have to master all the basic Additions to get the powerful final Additions.) All that aside, head for the town of Hoax and save outside. There is a treasure chest with an Angel's Prayer in the Inn. Speak to Kaiser of the Eighth Knighthood, and he will tell you to check out the town. Head up the stairs to the left of the headquarters into the building on the left for a Stardust. (Hint: Check the fireplace in the basem*nt!) Head across the "boardwalk" and down the stairs for a Healing Potion. In the attic of the next house, you can find 20G. Speak to Midwife Gilda to get a bit of gossip, and an interesting reaction from Shana!

Head back to the headquarters and search the bottom left of the room for another Stardust. Then speak to Kaiser and Lavitz. Head for your guard post. (It seems to me that Kaiser's soldiers are too trusting) You'll fight some Sandora Soldiers. Run up to meet the Dark Elite. After you lop off half of his HP, he'll divide himself into 3 shapes. Wait and see which one uses magic. That's the true Dark Elite. Or, you can hit them one at a time until he curses at you and becomes one form again. He may divide again, so beware. After you finish this battle, you're immediately flung into a boss battle with the Giganto Kongol.

Boss: Kongol (Earth)
Start this fight by healing yourself. (I had 13 Healing Potions when I started this battle, so it wasn't a problem.) Kongol has massive physical offense and defense, but as far as magic goes, he sucks. Use Burn Out to kick his ass, and be VERY careful not to miss your additions. He has a bitch of a counterattack. When the battle's through, you'll encounter the mysterious Rose, who will take you to the next level of your power, not to mention saving your ass from Kongol. You'll get a Power Wrist for beating Kongol. When Rose introduces herself, choose the first option if you want to risk pissing her off. You can learn about your new power from Rose. At this point, I took Shana out of my party and replaced her with Rose, because Rose's attack, defense, and HP were much better, and because Rose can use Additions. Whatever you choose to do with your party, head for the Marshland.

Part VI: The Marshland Fort

Items Found: Sun Rhapsody (x2), Spirit Potion, Healing Potion, Lance
Items Won: Attack Ball
Stardust: 1

Head straight north as you enter the Marshland. Head across the stepping stones. You will fight plenty of Sandora Soldiers. Just keep beating them up, you will eventually kill them. They come in pairs: one Fire-elemental and one Water-elemental. If you like, you can retreat before you fight the final one, and keep returning to get more and more experience. (The soldiers regenerate if you run away!) By the way, the challenges and counterchallenges are mildly amusing, if only because they are so cliché. Finally, you'll get a last battle: a commander and two soldiers. They are wusses and pathetically easy to beat. (If this is all Sandora has to offer, no wonder they need a dragon!) You'll win an Attack Ball from them. The treasure chest contains a Sun Rhapsody. Enter the fortress to find a Spirit Potion, a Healing Potion, a Stardust, and a Sun Rhapsody. There is a Lance outside the back door for Lavitz. Now head toward Volcano Villude. Use the tree roots to reach the next area. Hop in the boat. Head down to get a Burn Out, then down again for a Body Purifier. Head left from here for a Stun Guard and the Magic Stone of Signet. Return to the boat. Now head up twice, then get off. Head up for a Spirit Potion. Return to your boat and go to the right, then get off to continue. By now, incidentally, you should have 10 Stardust.

Part VII: Volcano Villude

Items Found: Spear Frost, Mind Purifier, Panic Guard, Sapphire Pin, 50G
Items Won: Mind Purifier, Healing Potion (x2), Red-Eye Stone
Shops: Dabas' Item Shop

Start by heading straight, then go left. The first treasure chest holds a Spear Frost. Hop across the rock bridge in the next screen to get a Mind Purifier. At the fork in the road, head right for a Panic Guard. The left fork takes you deeper into the volcano. USE the Save Point--you're about to meet two bosses. Move through the lava room by hopping across rocks, but watch out for the leaping fish. If you hit one, you'll have to fight it. When Shana runs off, follow her to meet your next boss fight.

Boss: Virage (Void)
Attack its arm first, then go for the head. The arm will reappear periodically; kill it off whenever it does. This will save your party some damage. Then beat the hell out of its head to kill it quickly. (If for some reason you want to drag this fight out, kill the body and THEN the head, but killing the head gets rid of the whole kit and caboodle.) I had Dart at level 9 and Rose and Lavitz at level 8, and the fight was pathetically easy. If he uses his confuse/fear attack, just transform into a Dragoon to counteract it. You get a Mind Purifier and two Healing Potions after this battle. Now head to the right. You can meet up with Dabas, who will give you a Sapphire Pin. Head around the rock rim in the next screen, but beware the next boss!

Boss: Fire Bird (Fire)
Use Spear Frosts for super damage here. If you run out, a Spark Net will work too; in fact, pretty much anything but Burn Out is good here. This boss is a wuss. You get a nice Red-Eye Stone for this easy battle. In the next map, you will find 50G, and re-encounter Dabas. He runs an Item Shop, so pick up whatever you need. Beyond him is the exit. Now it's onward to the Dragon's Nest.

Part VIII: The Dragon's Nest

Items Found: Chain Mail, Bravery Amulet, Spirit Potion, Body Purifier, Mind Purifier
Items Won: Down Burst

Follow the path to the Nest of the Dragon and save outside. Head straight up in the first area. Head down, then right, after the scene with Shana. Hop across the stones at the !. In the next map, head down, then across, then down for a Chain Mail. Head back and across the stone, then step on the large spider web. You will, in technical terms, "faw down go boom." The water near you is a recovery pool. You'll want to level up in this area, since you have a means of free recovery right there.

Anyway, head up and climb the spike. Head up and to the left, then down to the next spike. Head down and to a hidden door on the left, then follow the path for a Bravery Amulet. Head back to the place where your little side path meets the main one. Go down, and then up the spike. Touch the plant to get a Spirit Potion from the chest to your right. Head up and touch the next plant to clear the way to the save point. Jump into the hole above you (on the left) for a Body Purifier. Head down and around to the other hole. Head up, and at the "Y," take the left fork for a Mind Purifier.

Head back up the right fork of the "Y." Save and level up, using the recovery pool to heal yourself. I had Dart and Rose at Dragoon Level 2, and everyone else at Level 10, for the next boss. When you're ready to move on, head along the path below and to the right of the save point. Go down and walk into the door on your right. Follow the two horseshoe curves, and then go up the spike and head left. Touch the plant and head back to the save point. The path leading to the next area will be clear.

Boss: Feyrbrand and Greham (Wind)
Have Rose and Dart become Dragoons. The dragon uses fear, poison, and physical attacks. Get rid of Greham first, then just keep hitting Feyrbrand. The battle isn't that hard. Just make sure you don't let Feyrbrand poison or confuse all your characters, because everything goes to hell in a handbasket REAL fast when that happens. For winning this battle, you get a Down Burst. (By the way, since you now have three Dragoons in your party, you can now use the Special attack. See the Tips page for more detail.) Climb up Feyrbrand's nest and head up to leave.

Part IX: Lohan

Items Found: 200G, 100G, Water Bottle (Key)
Shops: Weapons, Items, Dabas' Antiques Shop
Stardust: 4

When you enter the town, you'll automatically go to the clinic. It seems we are in need of some Dragoni Plant. Exiting the clinic, go to the door to your immediate right. Here, you will find 200 G. Go back outside and up the steps, then into the Inn (it has a blue door) to rest or save. Enter the bottom-left house (with a green door.) Check the gray rectangle on the bookshelf, then climb down the new ladder. There is a Stardust in the fireplace. Head back up and depart from this house. Head down to the next screen. The green door is an Item Shop. The red door above you is a kick-ass Weapon Shop. Note the Legend Casque that the guy is offering--you will probably want at least one for the final battle, but you can always come back. Just keep it in mind and save your money. Anyway, head across the bridge and through the blue door--Dabas' Antiques Shop! Enjoy the scene. Afterward, head back into the shop. Go up the ladders until you see a suite of armor. It contains a Stardust. Now head back across the bridge and down the stairs. Talk to the vendor in green. Bargain with him until he gives you the Water Bottle for free. Head right for two screens after concluding your deal. Here you will find 100 G and a Stardust in the basket. Head down, then left. Find the guard in blue and check the crockery near him for yet another Stardust. (This should make 14.) Now we head out and back to the Dragon's Nest.

Part X: Life Water and Shirley's Shrine

Items Found: Life Water (Key), 20G (x7), Demon Stiletto, Healing Breeze

In the Dragon's Nest, hop down into the large hole and walk down. Make your way through the maze to the Life Water pool. (If you want, level up and earn some gold here.) Head back to where you fought Feyrbrand and Greham. Climb up and walk to the right. Hop down, then jump across the stones. Go down. In the next screen, head up. Pour the water on the plant and move on. You'll reach Shirley's Shrine. There will be a treasure chest above you--head around the L-shaped path to reach it. But what's this? A smart-ass message instead of a treasure? Yeah, I'll show them! Just keep going through the covered arch. Head to the right. Read all the signs, and note the one that says "Statue Facing Left." The chest below you is empty. Up the stairs is yet another empty chest.

Head back through the archway and read all three signs. Then head "north" and through the left-hand door. Go down across the wooden bridge and check out the big gold wheel. Hop across the stones for yet another empty chest? UGH! This is like the Phoenix Cave from Final Fantasy VI! Go back to the main room and through the north door. Go up both flights of steps and examine the altar. You will see that you need three numbers. Head up the stairs to your right, then head left. Check the treasure chest and PAY ATTENTION during the mad ride to get the three numbers. I will NOT list them here. You'll be dumped into the water by the entrance. If you didn't note the numbers, you'll have to take the trip again.

Head back to the main room and enter the first door on the left. Hop across the stones to the gold statue and read "Statue Facing Front." Hmmm... Go back to the main room and to out the north door. Return to the altar and enter the three-number code you got. Go up the stairs and then climb the ladder. Examine the golden statue and turn it to the front. Check the other, and set it to face to the left. Go up and save at the save point to your right. (It's a bit difficult to see because of all the white stone.) The treasure chest to your left is empty. Head north.

Boss: Drake (Wind)
This fight is fairly easy. Deal as much damage as you can, as fast as you can. Begin with the "Special" command, if you can. Drake may throw out three bombs called "bursting balls." Destroy these as soon as he throws them out, or they will deal a decent amount of damage to your party when they explode. If Drake creates a barrier of wire, you must attack and destroy it first before you can reach him again. Use Rose's Astral Drain spell to heal yourself, and use Earth-based items for serious damage. I had everyone at level 11, and Dart and Rose at Dragoon Level 2 (Albert was at Dragoon Level 1.) When you have dealt enough damage to him, Shirley will appear and ask questions. Guard until she starts asking questions. If you answer incorrectly, she will wait, then ask the question again. The following is a list of the questions and answers. An * indicates the correct answer.
1) Dart, Lavitz. Why do you fight?
*To protect those we love
For pride and honor
2) Dart, I've been waiting. Why did you leave without saying goodbye?
It's none of your business.
*To pursue the Black Monster.
3) Dart, what are you going to do after you find the Black Monster?
*Of course, get revenge!
I don't know yet.
4) Please forget about revenge and be with me. The Black Monster, or me, Dart?
The Black Monster
5) Lavitz! What are you doing here? Forget Shana and come back.
Yes, Your Majesty. Coming.
*That's not like you!
6) Lavitz! Are you disobeying my orders? Choosing one over many?
*Shana needs me!
Don't command me!
7) Dart, advancing will bring truth as well as ordeals. And you still want to go?
*No matter what, I will go.
I'll save Shana and go home.
8) Lavitz, I ask you, who is the most important person for you to protect?
*My mother
9) Lastly, Rose, I ask you. What does life mean to you?
*I've never thought about it.
Nothing but sacrifice.
After you answer all her questions in a satisfactory manner, Shirley will give you the White-Silver Dragoon Spirit. In the room behind her, you will find 7 treasure chests containing 20 G each, as well as a Demon Stiletto and a Healing Breeze. Now head back to Lohan via the Dragon's Nest.

Part XI: The Hero Match

Go to the clinic and retrieve Shana. Head down to where the street vendor is (ya know, the crazy guy you got the water bottle from) and to the right. Enter the tent and head right. See the awning? Talk to the woman there. Head down the stairs to the left to start the match. Talk to Haschel. When you're ready, speak to the man in green to begin the match.

First Round: Gorgaga (Void)
He will poison you like the cheat he is, but don't worry. Just smack him a few times and don't waste healing items. You'll be totally healed after this battle anyway. Always talk to the man in green to begin the next match.

Second Round: Serfius (Fire)
He is quick, but you are stronger. He will use a Power Up about halfway through. Still and all, this is not a difficult fight.

Third Round: Danton (Earth)
You and he are evenly matched as far as power and speed go. When he tosses aside his hammer, guard for a while to raise HP. His "All-Out Attack" will reduce you to 1 HP, but it is a sign that he is about to croak.

Fourth Round: Atlow (Dark)
He's an archer who mostly aims at your joints, and he is quick but has weak attacks. Kill him quickly before he can aim at your chest, which causes the Fear condition. Speak to Haschel after this round. Then, you'll meet your final opponent.

Fifth Round: Lloyd (Void)
You cannot win this fight, so do not bother. Lloyd has approximately a 300% evade rate. he'll beat the living sh*t out of you and make smartass remarks while doing so. His Addition is hell on wheels, too.

Speak to Rose and Shana after the match with Lloyd (head toward the entrance to find them.) After a bit of a pathetic scene between Rose and Lavitz, wander around the fair. Play the games if you wish (the obstacle course is a trip!) Speak to Lavitz when you wish to leave. Stay at the Inn to restore your HP, then attempt to leave Lohan. After receiving some rather startling news, make sure your equipment is top-notch before heading back to Hellena.

Part XII: Hellena Again

Items Found: Thunderbolt, Silver Embroidered Vest, Pandemonium, Felt Hat, Therapy Ring, Leather Armor, Healing Potion, Sachet
Items Won: Sachet

There's a shortcut to Hellena (thankfully)--follow the road east of Lohan. Enter Hellena and head left into the next room. Take the elevator up. Head left into the next room. Take the elevator up. Get off when given the choice and head left into the first door. Take the elevator for a Thunderbolt. Take the broken ladder to your right to get a Silver Embroidered Vest. Take the next ladder to your right to get down. Take the far left door and go up for a Pandemonium. Jump to the far right to get a Felt Hat and a Therapy Ring. Go back to the area with four doors and take the middle right door. Climb the ladder and head left for a Leather Armor. Go back down and take the elevator up. There is a Healing Potion to your left. Go south to the room with all the guards. After you "faw down go boom," grab the treasure chest and speak to Shana.

Boss: Jiango (Earth)
I used Rose, Lavitz, and Dart. I used the Sachet first, then the Special command to hit hard and fast, which is the key. Use Astral Drain to heal yourself and don't let your HP get too low, as Jiango has very strong physical attacks. He can also cause the Confused condition. You get a Sachet for this fight. After defeating Jiango, head up and fight the guards. There's a healing potion. Fight the guards in the room where they were clustered together (you know, where they dumped you through the floor.) Go up the stairs to your left. Collect the Broad Sword, Spear, and 20 G. Save. At this point, everyone was at level 13, and everyone was Dragoon Level 2. (Shana, in case you hadn't noticed, has quite an advantage in the SP-gaining department.) Head through the north door.

Boss: Freugal (Earth), Guftas (Dark), Rodriguez (Wind)
For this battle, I once again used Dart, Rose, and Lavitz. Use Special to take out first Guftas, then Rodrigues. Unlike the Final Fantasy series, in which taking out the main boss is primary and his critters are only an annoyance, here it's key to eliminate the supporting enemies early. Beat the stuffing out of Freugal until he gives up and dies like a good little villain. After the battle we have an interesting scene, which makes me wonder if Shana had a little competition there. (Recall her conversation with Haschel a few minutes ago!) Anyway, enjoy the scene in Seles. Talk to everyone, and speak to Rose last.

Part XIII: Black Castle

Items Found: Attack Ball, Twister Glaive, 20 G, Spark Net, Dark Mist, Trans Light, Red Stone (Key), Blue Stone (key), Beast Fang, Yellow Stone (Key), Spirit Ring, Spear Frost, Spinning Gale
Stardust: 6

Leave Seles and head for the forest. Cut through it and head for the Black Castle (between Hellena and Lohan.) Go into the first door on the left and search the two barrels for Stardust. Leave and go into the opposite door (the first on the right.) Talk to the guy at the counter and register. You will receive 100 G. Go up the ladder. There is an Attack Ball in the treasure chest, and a Stardust to the left of the chest. Back on the street, the second left-hand door is an Inn. The second right-hand door contains a Twister Glaive, which you DEFINITELY want. The third left-hand door contains only people, and the third right-hand door is a weapon shop. Search to the left of the counter for a Stardust. Leave the shop and head "north" twice.

Head to the first door below you and check the bookshelf for a Stardust. Walk to the left and go down the ladder. The right door is an Items Shop. Talk to the guy at the clinic—he runs a fake weapon shop. Whoo-hoo....yeah, pretty pathetic. The barrels behind the round table hide yet another Stardust. Head left to a cluster of three barrels for another Stardust. Leave and enter the left-hand door. Talk to the kid, choosing the third choice, then the second, then the third. Save at the save point, then follow Popo when ready. Climb down the first long rope for 20G. Go back up and take the farthest-right pole, then go all the way right and down again. Go all the way left, then down. Go right and up the ladders.

In this next area, you can fight guards if they see you--which is a great way to build experience. The first chest contains a Spark Net. Keep heading left and go down the ladder. Fight the two guards. Head north, then right. Talk to the researchers by visiting the flames. You will get magic oil and the white flame will restore you if you feel it necessary. Head to the elevator at the right and use the magic oil to activate it. (You have an infinite supply, as near as I can tell.) Talk to the researchers and use the elevator at the left. Avoid the rocks. If you do get hit, there's a Dark Mist and Trans Light below you. Use the ladder to get back. An easy way to avoid the rocks is to let them all fall, then weave your path through them--you should have time before they get dumped. Get the Red Stone from the chest and head back across, then up. Take the elevator at the right, and then head left. Take the left-hand elevator in the room where two guards are guarding an elevator. Head down and fight the guard, then head left. Talk to the researcher. After he gets done playing about, take the blue stone from the chest and leave.

Take the elevator down and fight the two guards, then take the north-end elevator. Head right. You will meet a merchant. The room above her holds a Beast Fang. Keep going to the right. Take the elevator up and fight the Knights. Take the next elevator and talk to the guy, who will give you the Yellow Stone. Take the elevator down and head to the right. Fight the Knight. Go up the stairs and head right to fight the Elite. Take the next door to the right and use the second switch to activate the cable car. There's a Spirit Ring and a Spear Frost in the chests. Take the cable car back and take the elevator down. Go to the right for a Spinning Gale. Take the elevator back up and head left and down the stairs. Take the elevator down, then head left and take the elevator up. Take it again to the fourth floor. Go north. Talk to the man in red and SAVE! Use your three stones as follows in the triangle: Red, top; Yellow, left; blue, right. Go through the door and fight Kongol.

Boss: Kongol (Earth)
Albert's Twister Glaive will be invaluable in this battle. Make sure you don't miss your Additions, or you will get your ass kicked. Use Wind-based items if you have any. Rose Storm is helpful also. This isn't a particularly hard battle. After you win, go back and save. At this point, everyone in my party is level 14. Dart and Rose are at Dragoon Level 3, while Albert and Shana are Dragoon Level 2. Dart has mastered his first three Additions, and Crush Dance is at level one. Rose has her first Addition mastered; More & More is at level 2. Albert's first two additions are mastered, and Rod Typhoon is at level two. Haschel's first addition is at level two also. Anyway, save and head back up, past Kongol.

Boss: Emperor Doel (Thunder)
Just attack normally for the first part of the fight, and build up your SP. When he transforms, use the Special command and go all-out. Rose Storm, Final Burst, Astral Drain, Dragoon Additions--use whatever you have. When he forms a violet-colored globe around himself, he cannot be hurt. Just Guard until he stops hiding behind it. Then beat the crap out of him.

Chapter Two: Platinum Shadow

Part I: Fletz

Items: Physical Ring & Amulet [in exchange for Stardust]
Shops: Weapons, Items, Accessories, Inn
Stardust: 5

Check out the bridge for a brief scene. Go across and up the stairs. Look in the crates in the hallway for a Stardust. Talk to the girl in yellow. Head back across the bridge and into the shop at the upper part of the screen. In the box of weapons you'll find another Stardust. Leave the shop and head up. In the first shop to your left, you will find Stardust in the barrel of colorful gems at the bottom of the screen. Leave the shop and see the scene with Princess Emille. Enter the next shop up (the Items shop) and investigate the upper part of the screen for another Stardust. Head to the far north end of town and speak to the guard. Go back to the bar and talk to Kaffi (the chick in yellow.) Having talked to her, head to the house north of the Inn and speak to Fester. Go up and take a peek at The Moon That Never Sets if you wish. Leave and head across the bridge. Find the house that has chairs and a table on the roof, and go inside. Speak to Nello about the Green Project. In the morning, go back to the bar and talk to Martel. She'll trade you a Physical Ring and an Amulet for your Stardust. If you like, check out the planetarium for a chuckle, then leave and head to the Barrens.

Part II: The Barrens

Items: Warrior Dress, Total Vanishing, Recovery Ball

Take the right-hand path to get a Warrior Dress. Then take the left path and go around the loop.

Boss: Mappi (Dark); Crafty Thief x2 (Dark)
Just keep hitting them with Additions. After a rather...unexpected event, you'll get a Total Vanishing. Take the right-hand fork in the path (the left leads you to a place you'll spend MORE than enough time in. Don't drive yourself crazy now.) In the next screen, take the left-hand arch to get a Recovery Ball. Head up and take the center arch for 50 G, then use the left-hand arch to leave.

Part III: Donau, the Flower City

Items: None
Shops: Inn, Weapons, Items, Clinic
Stardust: 2

After the cinema scene, enter the first house on the right and speak to Kate. Outside, the north door is a church, where you can learn a little. The door to the left of the church is an Inn. Go right and up the stairs. The door to the left is a Clinic, and the door to the north is a Weapons and Items shop. Go back down to the main area (outside Kate's house and the church.) See the two blue pools? Examine the upper one for a Stardust. Now head left and go up the stairs to the Mayor's house. Before you leave, check the sink for a Stardust. Then you'll meet Meru. Unfortunately (in my opinion at least) you have to bring her along. Head out of Donau and back to Fletz via the Barrens.

Part IV: Fletz, Take Two

Items: None
Shops: See above
Stardust: 3

To the left of bridge, climb up the steps to the top of the house (NOT Nello's house) for a Stardust. Go toward the palace and speak with the guard. Now we get to stalk an astronomer. Go to the Item Shop and talk to Fester. Go north to the marketplace (where you saw Princess Emille before) and talk to him again. Follow him up to the palace and keep following him until he wanders off without you. Go back to the first room you entered in the palace and check the suit of armor by the Save Point for a Stardust. You might also wish to save. Start to leave the castle. After your conversation with Princess Lisa, speak with Libria. The dinner is, ah, interesting. Then speak to your party members. In the morning, head down, then to the right once you are out on the balcony. Go through the door at the bottom of the tower and search the left side of the room for yet another Stardust. You should now have 29 of them. Head back to the Barrens. This time however, where you took the right-hand fork to Donau before, you want to take the left-hand fork. Prepare to be frustrated out of your mind.

Part V: The Valley of Corrupted Gravity

Items: Sachet, Speed Up, Meteor Fall, Talisman, Knight Helm, Moon Serenade

Speak to the guard to get in. This valley is really strange! Hop across the first rock on the right for a Sachet. Go down and hop on the rock to get back. Now take the first rock on the left for a Speed Up--a kickass item! Go up past the rock to....Rock Fireflies! (Hint: Level up. A lot.) When you're done with that, head back to the central path and up. In the next screen, go up and take the floating rock (.....right....). Walk to the left side of the island you end up at and take the next rock. Go left again and take yet another rock. This time, head upwards and take the next rock. Get off and wait for it to return, then get back on it. Go to the rock on the right for a Meteor Fall. Head back. This time, get off at the first stop and cross the tree trunk. Head up.

In this screen, things begin to get kinda screwy (as if they weren't already). Take the first rock. Go left and take the rock. The first stop leads to a Talisman, which you should equip to Dart. Now go to the second stop. Use the white patch to your left. Walk to the left and take the rock. Use the white patch to get yourself right-side-up again. Go down and use the rock to get a Knight Helm. Go back on the rock. Use the right-hand white spot, head right, and use the white spot by the withered tree. Go right and take the rock for a brief scene about the Virage. Go left for a rock leading to the Save Point. Go to the right and take the rock, then head up to face the Virage.

Boss: Virage (Void) - L. Arm, R. Arm, Head, Body
I had Dart at Level 17, Albert at Level 16, Shana at Level 13. Albert and Shana were at Dragoon Level 2, and Dart was at Dragoon Level 3. Kill off the left arm first (by that I mean ITS left, which translates to YOUR right.) Then go for the head, killing off the left arm whenever it regenerates. This Virage likes to hit you with negative statuses, which you should take care of with Body or Mind Purifiers as quickly as possible. The Virage's death is...well...interesting. You'll get a Moon Serenade for defeating it. Head up to get OUT of here.

Part VI: Defeat the Gehrich Gang

Items: Fake Shield, Bandit's Ring, 20G, Angel's Prayer
Stardust: 1

Head into the Home of the Gigantos. To your left, at the north end of the pile of rubble, there should be a Fake Shield. Run left and into one of the three arches for a treasure chest containing 20G. Check the sparkling thing, and push the switch. Head back into the main area through the BOTTOM door and down to get a Bandit's ring, then go back through and head straight north. When the arrows start falling, run back. You'll fight 2 Crafty Thieves (Earth) and a Gangster (Dark). In the next screen, the crevice to your right contains rock fireflies. The treasure chest to your left is an Angel's Prayer. The Piggy enemies in this area drop Sachets, which you will have a use for later, but at present they'll probably only clutter up your inventory. Head up to the save point and save. Equip your strongest character with a Talisman, then go through the door.

Boss: Mappi (Dark), Gehrich (Earth)
Take Mappi out first; he has an instant-death attack that can really hurt you. I used Dart, Haschel, and Albert. Dart was Level 18, Haschel level 16 and Dragoon level 1, Albert was level 17 and Dragoon Level 3. You don't have to become a Dragoon in this battle, unless you want Shana/Rose's healing spells or Albert's Rose Storm defensive spell. Albert's Wind-elemental spells can be helpful against Gehrich, or Shana's Light-elemental Star Children would be effective against Mappi. Of course, it's your choice. I chose Albert because he was equipped with the Twister Glaive weapon, which is nice against an Earth-elemental enemy. Use your strongest Additions, heal frequently, and you should be fine. After the battle and a short scene, involving rescue from a highly unexpected quarter, you'll acquire a new party member. You get a tremendous amount of money and experience for this. Go down the steps in the center of the room. After regaining the Dragoon Spirit, check the right-hand candlestick for a Stardust. Level up here, since there are Rock Fireflies to heal you; you will probably want to be at about level 22-25 for the next major battle.

Part VII: Loose Ends

Items: Kate's Bouquet (Rare)

Head back through the Valley of Corrupted Gravity and go to Donau. (The Blue Bird enemies, which you may encounter on the way, are worth a pretty sweet 1000 Exp.) Catch Kate's Bouquet at the wedding. This item has no actual bearing on the game, but it's entertaining. Now go PAST Fletz to the barrier station and choose to go to the South of Serdio. Stop by Lohan. Remember the street vendor you bought the water bottle from before? Visit his stall to get Kongol's Dragoon Spirit. You will be able to get the price down to 1,000G. If you have the cash, you will probably want to pick up one of the Legendary armours. I prefer the Legend Casque myself, but that's me.

Part VIII: Bandits Afoot Again

Items: Moon Serenade, Sun Rhapsody, Fighter's Bead
Stardust: None

Enter the castle and save. Straight ahead from the save point, you will find a Moon Serenade and a Sun Rhapsody. Head outside and sneak past the guards, then make your way up the right-hand tower to Princess Lisa's room. Sneak back down into the main part of the palace, then head outside again and creep up the left-hand tower. Fight the two guards outside Princess Emille's room. Examine the painting. After you get sucked into it, examine the pink sparkle to complete your mission here. Go back into the main part of the palace and MAKE SURE TO SAVE. The upcoming boss fight is rather difficult. At this point you will wish to choose your party very carefully. I do NOT recommend Kongol, as he is far too slow and his magic defense is pitiful. The problem with the speedy characters is that they have low defense and offense, and often low HP. I recommend Rose, Albert, and Dart. Make sure you equip Albert with the Bandit's Ring so he can keep up.

Boss: Lenus (Water)
Dart should use his Dragoon Magic (Preferably Final Burst, but Flameshot will work also). Don't hold back on his magic. You have to hit Lenus hard because she's MUCH faster than you. She can attack up to 7 times in a row! Albert's Blossom Storm will come in handy in taking the edge off her attacks, and Rose is not only fast but moderately powerful (you may have noticed that in this game, there is an inversely proportional relationship between power and speed. The higher the power, the lower the speed, and vice versa. Ditto for magic defense.) If you have any fire-elemental items, use them! Lenus has a lot of magic and she's very, very fast, which is why you're going to want fast characters with high magic defenses. After the battle, visit the bar and talk to Martel. You should have 30 Stardust by now. Give them to her and she'll give you a new item. Now head to Donau, but make sure to stop by the item shop first if the battle with Lenus depleted your supplies.

Part IX: Queen Fury

Items: None
Stardust: 2

You need to head back to Donau to get to the Queen Fury, but you may want to level up first. Try the Valley of Corrupted Gravity by the Rock Fireflies, or you can head back to the Home of Gigantos and fight the Piggy enemies in hopes of winning Sachets. Here are my suggestions for Additions:

Character Addition (Lvl)
Dart Double Slash (5) Volcano (5) Burning Rush (5) Crush Dance (5) Madness Hero (2)
Rose Whip Smack (5) More & More (5) Hard Blade (5) Demon's Dance (1) -
Haschel Double Punch (5) Flurry of Styx (5) Summon 4 Gods (5) - -
Albert Harpoon (5) Spinning Cane (5) Rod Typhoon (5) Gust of Wind Dance (5) Flower Storm (5)
Meru Double Smack (5) Hammer Spin (5) - - -
Kongol Pursuit (4) - - - -

Please note that these are only suggestions. My Dragoon Levels and Experience Levels at this point are as follows:

Characters Exp. Level Dragoon Level
Dart 23 5
Rose 20 4
Shana 20 5
Haschel 21 3
Meru 20 0
Albert 21 5
Kongol 22 2

Once you're done leveling up, head to Donau. You'll want to stop by the item shop to be sure you're well stocked. When you're ready to move on, head to the harbour. Remember where you met Meru? Go back there and head "north" on the screen to get to the harbour. Talk to Kayla to board the ship. When you have control of your character again, go down the steps to speak to Kongol. The wheelbarrow next to him contains a Stardust. Head back up and enter any of the three doors. The chest at the bottom of the stairs contains a Stardust. Under the stairs there is a door leading into a cabin. That's where you'll find Albert. When you leave the cabin, the door to your left is the kitchen. Try the veggie-chopping contest if you like--it can be entertaining, and you get 1 G for playing. Now head up and into the door above you to find *gag* Meru. Go back out and up the stairs. Take the next set of stairs (at the "north" end of the screen) to find Dart. Before you talk to him, though, climb up the ladder and speak to Rose. After you talk to Dart, go talk to Rose again.

When you control Rose, go to see Haschel. Take Haschel to see Kongol. Then take Kongol to speak to Albert. As Albert, go look for Meru, and then take Meru to see Dart. You may pick whichever of the choices you wish--I prefer to say Kongol, Shana, or Haschel. Now go speak to Shana. In order to continue the story, you must find Rose and speak to her again.

Part X: The Phantom Ship

Items: 50G, 20G, Key to Phantom Ship (rare), 200G, 100G, Bravery Amulet, Night Raid, Dancing Dagger
Treasure Chest Items: Stun Guard, Panic Guard, Magic Ego Bell, Talisman, Ultimate Wargod, 100G

Head to the right if you wish to jump back over to the Queen Fury. There's a weapon/item shop, an inn, and a Save Point. Make use of whatever you need. Then head back to the Phantom Ship. Be careful--the Death enemies in this area use one-hit-kill attacks when their HP is in the red. Go into the door at the top of the screen and check the door; it will be locked. Now go down the stairs. Check the first door on the top side of the screen (to Dart's left.) Open the treasure chest in the loft and fight the three Skeletons. Head into the next door down and open the chest to fight two skeletons and a Magician Bogy. Go down the hall. The treasure chest has 50G in it. Go through the door. The chest to your right has 20G. Open the left-hand chest to fight three Magician Bogys. At this point I suggest you head back to the Queen Fury to rest and save. Now, you can take part in a mini-game that has some definite rewards.

Treasure Chest Mini-Game
In the room where you fought the Magician Bogys, check out the shiny object on the floor. Four ghosts will appear and each will give you a number. Remember the numbers. Then go to the room closest to the Queen Fury. See the chest? Try to open it. You'll get a set number of chances to input a code, which is composed of three of the four numbers you were given. If you run out of chances before you get it right you'll have to fight three Skeletons. The codes are random. Here is a list of the prizes (please note that "first" attempt refers to all tries before you win the first prize, "second" to all tries before you win the second prize....):

Attempt No. of Chances Prize
First 10 Stun Guard
Second 8 Panic Guard
Third 6 Magic Ego Bell
Fourth 4 Talisman
Fifth 2 Ultimate Wargod
Sixth 2 200G

When you get bored or frustrated with playing with the treasure chest, head for the Captain's Cabin (the door farthest to the east.) Go in and hear his tale. He will give you the rare item Key to the Phantom Ship when you examine the sparkling object on the floor. The right-hand treasure chest contains 200G, the left-hand chest 100G. Go back to the Queen Fury and make sure you REST and SAVE. Also, purchase as many Dancing Ray items as your funds and inventory size will allow. You may want to pick up one or two Trans Light items also. They will come in incredibly handy in the upcoming boss fight. I suggest putting Shana and Rose in your party. Hopefully at this point, Shana is Dragoon Level 3 or better. Give Shana the Physical Ring accessory (and the Legend Casque if you have it) and give Rose the Therapy Ring. You may want to consider equipping Dart with the Bandit's Ring to increase his speed. Now head back to the door that was locked. Open the treasure chest to get a Bravery Amulet and walk to the western wall.

Boss: Ghost Commander (Dark) and 4 Ghost Knights (Dark)
This boss fight is fairly easy. Have Shana transform into a Dragoon. Use her Star Children magic, or summon the White-Silver Dragon if she's at a high enough level. Rose and Dart should use Dancing Ray and Trans Light items. Take out the Ghost Commander first, as the Knights can regenerate. Your best bet is to hit them all hard and fast, and Shana and Rose are very speedy characters with high magic power. Dart's Dragoon spells can also be helpful. You get a Night Raid for defeating them. Go through the door. There is a Dancing Dagger for Rose in the chest. Examine the cradle. Run out the door after the short scene and enjoy the incredible FMV.

Part XI: Lidiera

Items: Healing Potion
Stardust: 1

Leave Pete's house and take the boat to the pier. Enter the big tent to save. Climb the ladder outside and head in through the roof to get the Stardust from the cupboard. There is a chest with a Healing Potion behind the little fence to the right of the tent. Go to the Ocean Terrace to visit with the Mayor if you wish. Other than that, there isn't much to do here. Leave the town and head into the Undersea Cavern. From there, you can move on to Fueno.

Part XII: Fueno

Shops: Weapons, Items
Stardust: 2

Check out the Weapon and Item shops (the two counters to the right of the entrance) but DON'T sell Dart's Heat Blade! Go to the Save Point. The door behind it is the hospital. Stop by to talk to Pete and his mom. Check the painting for a Stardust. Now go to the Inn (to the left of the hospital) and check the barrel under the stairs for another Stardust. Now head north to the harbor. Talk to Kayla. Go back to the Inn. After you've spoken to everyone, go upstairs to see Shana. Hmmm, I wonder what they were up to after the lights went out? ;) revisit the weapon and item shops, then stop to speak to the folks gathered near the shops.

Part XIII: The Prison Island

Items: Healing Rain, Healing Fog, Attack Ball (x2), Jeweled Crown, Recovery Ball (x2), Gushing Magma, Burn Out

Before you do anything else, make sure Dart is equipped with the Heat Blade. Go back to Lidiera. Use the boat to go to the Ocean Terrace and speak to the mayor. Head right and across the rocks. Get the Healing Rain and the Healing Fog from the chests. Go back to the Undersea Cavern. Head north. The first treasure chest contains an Attack Ball. In the next area, the treasure chest to your right has a Jeweled Crown. Go left and keep going to find a Recovery Ball in the hidden chest at the top of the path. Now go back to where the path splits and take the lower fork. Go left for a Gushing Magma. Save these fire items! In the next screen, head left. At the bottom of the screen (after the bend in the path) is another Recovery Ball. Go back and to the right this time. Hop across to get a Burn Out. Head up the spiral. The Treasure Chest to your right contains another Attack Ball. Make sure you save!

Boss: Lenus and Regole (Water)
Have Dart become a Dragoon and use your strongest Fire magic (preferably Red-Eyed Dragon, but Final Burst will also work.) Use your Burn Out and Gushing Magma items. If you have Albert in your party, you can use his Rose Storm spell to protect yourself a little. Use Astral Drain, Moon Light, Gates of Heaven, or White-Silver Dragon to heal yourself. Lenus has strong physical attacks, and Regole has a nasty water spell that attacks everyone. Take Regole out first using your strongest magic, then handle Lenus with Additions. She's got a good Magic Defense but very little in the way of physical defense. You'll get a Frozen Jet for winning this battle. Now head back to Fueno. Visit Pete. In the ensuing conversation, the first choice will piss Shana off, the second will infuriate Rose, and the third will irritate Meru. I suggest you try them all, since all of the reactions are amusing. Rest at the inn if you need to, then head to see the Queen Fury. Here are my stats at this time (remember that I master all my additions in order):

Character Level D'Lv Highest Addition and Level
Dart 24 5 Madness Hero (5)
Shana 19 5 ----
Rose 23 4 Demon's Dance (2)
Haschel 22 3 Five-Ring Shattering (5)
Albert 22 5 Flower Storm (2)
Meru 22 1 Hammer Spin (3)
Kongol 23 2 Inferno (2)

Go back to Donau and head for Fletz. Go speak to King Zior. After the cutscenes, go look for your party members. Albert is in Princess Emille's tower. Haschel and Meru are stealing food from the dining room. Rose is in the guest room. Kongol is in the training room below the Chamber of the Sun. Go to the dressing room behind where Kongol was to get the women dressed up. Enjoy the cutscene.

Chapter Three: Fate and Soul

Part I: Water City Furni

Shops: Weapons, Items, Inn
Stardust: 2

After the Queen Fury docks, head up and into the first door on the right. Check the barrels in the hallway for a Stardust. Head back out and toward the top of the screen. View the scene. Go into the house and speak to Harris if you wish. Then head left to the Inn. Go downstairs and speak to the Innkeeper. Tell him the truth. You'll get the license. Get in the boat and head left to get to the Weapons shop. Head back and to the front for the Items shop. (The house to the right is where you got the Stardust.) Head up right, then to the Mayor's house. (You cannot get into the house at the right because Bulgus is blocking your way. Enjoy all the scenes. Leave the Mayor's house and go to the house on the right, since Bulgus has moved now. Speak to Teo's parents. Climb the ladder and head upstairs to your right. Look for the ! at the top of the first flight (by the shelves on the wall.) Go up the next flight of stairs and slide down, then search the right side of this room for another Stardust. You should now have 37 Stardust. Leave Furni and head for the Evergreen Forest.

Part II: Evergreen Forest

Items: Body Purifier, Destone Amulet, Depetrifier, Darkness Stone, 500G.

Take the left-hand path for a Save Point and a Body Purifier. Now head along the right-hand path. Make sure you have equipped Dart with the Falchion. The treasure chest contains a Destone Amulet. Beware--the Forest Runner enemies cause a lot of bad status effects, and the Wounded Bear enemies can cause the Fear condition to your entire party. Head back to the Save Point and head to the right. Straight ahead is Kamuy. Head down after the scene and to the right for a Depetrifier. Head back toward the left. When you get to the point where you entered this screen, take the left fork. Head up and left to the top path.

Boss: Kamuy (Void)
You definitely don't want Kongol in your party for this fight. Kamuy uses a LOT of magic and Kongol will quite frankly get the crap beaten out of him. Just use Additions or Dragoon Additions on Kamuy. Beware his attack that causes the Stunned condition. You'll get a Darkness Stone for winning this fight. Go back to Furni and visit Harris's house to get your reward--a nice 500G. Go see Fa and Teo playing in front of Teo's house if you wish. Otherwise, it's on to Deningrad.

Part III: Deningrad

Items: Holy Ankh
Shops: Weapons, Items, Inn
Stardust: 3

Go back to the Evergreen Forest. From the save point, take the right-hand path and then the left-hand fork. Take the bottom path. When you enter Deningrad, the blue-marked door is both the Weapon Shop and the Item Shop. Go up the path on the left to the cathedral and speak to Bishop Dill. Talk to the man standing at the far end of the cathedral (near the altar). Now head to the library (hint: it's northwest of the Inn.) Talk to each of your party members. View Ute's cinemas--you can learn quite a bit. When you get control of Rose, head northward to speak to Luanna. As Meru, investigate the forest. When you're back with your main party again, start to leave Deningrad. After the cinemas, head into the Crystal Palace to meet Queen Theresa. Then go find Shana (she is in the room to the right of the Throne Room.) Head down and into the room on the left for a Holy Ankh.

Head back to the Evergreen Forest. In the second screen, head to the right. At the fork, take the right hand path, then take the path south of the rise where you first met Teo. When you are back on the World Map, head toward Neet. There is a Stardust in the lamp by the entrance. Investigate the grave stone if you wish. Head back to the forest. In the screen where you first met Kamuy, head north of the rise. Speak to the Wingly by the Save Point to go see the Ancestor. The first big blue pool on the left takes you out of the Wingly complex. On the right, the upper pool leads to the Item Shop. From that room, the left transporter leads to Guaraha's room. Search the upper right-hand corner for a Stardust. Go back and take the right-hand teleporter to see a statue of the Wingly god, Archangel. Back on the first floor, head up to meet Meru's parents. Then take the lower right teleporter to get a Stardust. (Check the pillar just to the right of the north doorway.) Go back. The lower teleporter on the right leads you to a recovery point. Beyond that, a Wingly can carry you to the upper level. You should have 40 Stardust when you get through here.

Part IV: The Dragon Block Staff

Items: Mind Purifier, Dancer's Shoes, Power Up, Mind Crush, Dragon Block Staff (rare), Spectral Flash

Talk to Ancestor Blano and he will send you to Kadessa. Proceed north along the path to the next area, and keep going until you get to a fork. Take the lower one to get a Mind Purifier. In the next area, take the teleporter at the left, then take the next teleporter and enter the building. Take the top left teleporter to a new platform, then take the next teleporter to reach the Dancer's Shoes. Take the two teleporters back to where you started. Head into the next area through the bottom-right doorway. Take the teleporter, then head left and take the next one. Keep taking teleporters; you will get to a place that Albert and Kongol call a Coliseum. Head down the ramp and go through the northern doorway. Keep following the teleporters, again, until you reach an area with a Save Point and a reddish glow, which is a Recovery Point. You can level up here. When you're done, take the north path. There are six statues here. Check them in this order: far right, far left, center left, center right, second from right, second from left. Take the elevator that appears and follow the teleporters.

Boss: Super Virage (Void)
Just Guard, over and over again. It has 10 lives, and if you just wait, it will lose all ten of them. Its final attack can be devastating, so make sure everyone's HP is nice and high and that everyone is Guarding. You'll get a fair chunk of experience and gold, not to mention a Healing Rain. Not bad for a battle where you basically just stand there. Head back to the Save Point. Then take the right-hand teleporter and head into the next area, where you'll see five red switches and a clump of Spinninghead enemies. Step on the switches to kill them off permanently (if you just fight them, they regenerate.) All you have to do is stand on the switch and press X. Go for the left-hand one first, then the right, then the center one. Take the upper-right one fourth and the upper-left one fifth. A door will open. Go through it to find an area filled with moving blocks. Take the first one and get off at the ledge by its highest point for a Power Up. Now head for the treasure chest. Hop across the two blocks in front of it FAST to avoid falling to the ground below. The chest contains Dart's Mind Crush weapon. Now head down and to the right, then through the door.

Boss: Grand Jewel (Earth)
DO NOT transform into a Dragoon, as the Dragon Block Staff will make it incredibly easy for Grand Jewel to destroy you. Hit it with Additions and use Wind-elemental items if you have them. Beware its level down attacks which do reduce your stats. You'll win a Spectral Flash. Afterwards, head through the right-hand door and jump down.

Part V: Deningrad Again

Shops: Weapons, Items, Inn
Stardust: 5

After the FMV, head to the Crystal Palace. In the second area of the palace, check the path left of Wink for a Stardust. Check the rubble pile at the right of the Throne Room (behind Luanna) for another Stardust. Speak to the Sacred Sisters to find out what the heck is going on. Now head to the Inn and check the device on the north wall of the second floor for yet another Stardust. Head to the Weapon and Item shops and check the red cloth for two more Stardust. You should now have 45. It's time to head to the Mountain of Mortal Dragon.

Part VI: The Mountain of Mortal Dragon

Items: Mind Purifier (2), Attack Ball, Giganto Armor, Healing Breeze, Dragon Helm, Total Vanishing, Body Purifier, Speed Down, Flash Hall, Gravity Grabber, Dragon Shield, Rainbow Earring (from Martel)

Enter the Evergreen Forest and speak to the guard on the second screen. The chest behind him contains a Mind Purifier. Make sure you SAVE outside the Mountain of Mortal Dragon! In the second screen, pick up the Attack Ball. At the fork, take the right-hand path for a Mind Purifier. Head back and take the left hand path. Go straight north on the next screen. In the screen with several caves, enter the bottom one first for a Giganto Armor. Go back and into the top cave and go right for a Healing Breeze. Head back and take the north path. Once outside the cave, look for the chest containing the Dragon Helm, which you'll want to equip to Dart. Go to the next screen and up the path. In the screen with the Save Point, check the chest at the left for a Total Vanishing. Make sure you SAVE. Head north. The chest contains a Body Purifier. Walk down from that chest until you cannot move, then press X for a Speed Down. Prepare for a heck of a fight. I chose Dart, Albert, and Meru.

Boss: Divine Dragon (Void)
Use the Speed Down to slow him down a little bit, then take out first the Ball and then the Cannon. Do NOT become a Dragoon, as the Dragon Block Staff effects you as well as the Divine Dragon. Additions are a good idea, as well as any of the multi-use items you may have like Power Up. You win a Flash Hall and Gravity Grabber for this battle. There is also a chance you will win the Dragon Shield; I don't know what determines the probability of this. Save and head out. Go back to Deningrad, where you will find Martel. She'll give you the Rainbow Earring. Wander over to the Crystal Palace to see what you can find. It seems we have somewhere to go. Stock up before you leave. If you still have Dart's Heat Blade around, you may want to equip it; then again, it may be too much of a decrease in power now.

Part VII: Kashua Glacier

Items: Thunderbolt, Heat Blade, Meteor Fall, Heavy Mace, Gushing Magma, Dancing Ray, Phoenix Plume, Brass Knuckle, Fatal Blizzard, Black Rain, Spirit Ring, Mage Ring
Shops: Weapons, Items

Once out of Deningrad, head west to the Kashua Glacier. The first treasure chest contains a Thunderbolt. The next one has a Heat Blade, which is fairly useful here. the next screen has a meteor fall at the top. Below the sign is a Heavy Mace. Down the path to the right is the Glacier. Talk to the two men, who run a weapon and an item shop. Chest to the right of them is a Gushing Magma. Climb down the icicles. The far left path leads to a Dancing Ray. The far right leads to a Phoenix Plume. The center path leads to a Save Point. Pick a group for the upcoming boss fight and head up the tree trunk at the bottom right of the screen.

Boss: Windigo (Water)
Occasionally this boss will nab one of your characters, then throw out two Snow Cannons. Kill the Cannons off, as attacking the Windigo will only damage your captured character. This boss has a lot of HP and not too strong a defense. Use Dart's Final Burst or Red-Eyed Dragon magic. Fire-elemental items are also a good idea. You shouldn't have any trouble. You'll get a Brass Knuckle after you win this fight. After the fight, head down and look under the "tree trunk" for a Fatal Blizzard. Save and revisit the peddler brothers to restock if you need to--there's another boss fight coming up. Head past the area where you fought the Windigo. Now, this is key--make sure everyone in your party has 100 or less SP! There's a Black Rain to your left. Head into the Tower of Flanvel. The chest to your right is a Spirit Ring. Enter the green door and head left to make your way through the teleporters, where you'll find a Mage Ring. Make sure you save and check your party's SP again.

Boss: Lloyd (Void)
He still has the Dragon Buster, which isn't a good thing as far as you're concerned. If you are going to become a Dragoon, make sure your characters have between 100-200 SP when you transform, because if you remain a Dragoon for more than one turn, he'll get you with a one-hit kill which accessories will not prevent. He has a bunch of spells that do serious damage and also take forever to cast, not to mention a phenomenal hit rate. Use Rose Storm if you like and other than that...just keep hitting him and hope you kill him before he kills you.

Part VIII: Fort Magrad

Items: Burn Out, Midnight Terror, Stunning Hammer, Poison Needle, Soul Eater, Smoke Ball, Armor of Yore, Panic Bell, Burning Wave, Gushing Magma, Magic Shield, Dancer's Ring

Head out of Kashua. In the screen beyond the peddler brothers, take the path that goes north of the sign. Enter the snowfield. The treasure chest at the top of the screen contains a Burn Out. Since you can rest in the cave, you may wish to level up here. Everyone in my party was at Dragoon Level 5 and somewhere around level 30-35 when I was done leveling up. You can win Giganto Rings--a really great accessory--from either the Wildman or Bowling enemies. When you're all done, head north. In the next screen, head left. Slide all the way down, then head up the left path at the Wingly place. Put Miranda in your party (she must be at Dragoon Level 5 for this trick to work) and whoever else you choose. Put an Amulet on Miranda. The treasure chest at the far left contains a Midnight Terror. Head through the archway, then down and save. The treasure chests contain a Stunning Hammer and a Poison Needle. Now head into the large open area.

Boss: Polter Helm, Polter Sword, Polter Armor (Dark)
The easy way to win this battle is to make sure Miranda has the Amulet equipped, turn her into a Dragoon, and cast White-Silver Dragon twice, then kill whatever managed to survive. The sword uses a one-hit kill on whoever killed it, so revive them and just attack. You'll win a Soul Eater and a Smoke Ball. Save again. Pick up the Armor of Yore and the Panic Bell from the chests. Then leave the Fort. Climb back up to the top of the slide; the chests along the way include a Burning Wave and a Gushing Magma. At the top, choose a starting point and look at the chart below to determine when you should push "X" at the ! markers.

Side of Sign First ! Second ! Third ! Fourth ! Prize
Either Yes No Yes Yes Magic Shield
Left No Yes No Yes Dancer's Ring
When you're all done playing with the slide, head to the top of the slide and go north.

Part IX: Vellweb

Items: Attack Ball, Rose's Hair Band, Spirit Potion
Stardust: 1

Just walk through the first screen. In the second screen, head left. In the third screen, go into the north door for an Attack Ball. Head left. In the next screen, take the lower path leading to the right to meet the two peddler brothers, then move on. After a mystical moment, save and head left from the save point. Tour the seven towers. I'll start with the one directly above where you enter the area and go counterclockwise. Check the carving in the middle of the first tower (Rose's tower) for a Stardust. The second tower, Syuveil's, has nothing of interest but a brief scene. The third tower, Shirley's, is just a ruin. The fourth tower is Damia's, followed by another ruin (Zieg's tower). Next is Belzac's tower, and finally Kanzas's tower. There is a sidequest to be completed here, but you can't start it just yet. Leave the ruins and go back to the save point. Head into the door to the left and go across the stone path. The first door in the spiral leads to nothing. The second leads to a treasure chest containing Rose's Hair Band. Go PAST the third door and down to the fourth for a Spirit Potion, then head back to the third door. Enjoy the cinemas.

Chapter Four: Moon and Fate

Part I: Death Frontier

Items: Healing Breeze, Moon Serenade, Healing Fog, Healing Rain, Gladius, Recovery Ball, Power Down, Sun Rhapsody, Healing Potion, Bandit Shoes

This place is really complicated, and I do mean really complicated. From the start, save if you wish. Then head down, left, down, right, up to get a Healing Breeze. Jump into the sandfall at your left to get a Moon Serenade. Leave this cave and you'll be back at the Save Point. Now go down, left, down, down, right, down, left for a Healing fog. Jump into the sandfall to the north to get a Healing Rain. You'll be back in the same cave. Head back out to the Save Point.

Now head down, right, down, down, down, right, up, and finally right to get to a recovery point and Save Point. It would be a good idea to level up here if you wish. Now head right, up, right, down down for the Gladius weapon. Jump into the sandfall to the left to get a Recovery Ball, then head back to the area with the save and recovery points. Now go up, left, up, up to get a Power Down. Jump into the sandfall to your right to get a Sun Rhapsody. Head back to the area with the save and recovery points, then head up, right, up, left, up, up to get to yet another area containing a save point and a recovery point.

Try leveling up here if you wish. When you're ready to move on, go left, up, up, right, right to get a Healing Potion. Jump into the sandfall to the south to get the Bandit's Shoes. Head out of this cave, then go up, right, up, left, up, and up. You should now be in the second save point/recovery area. Save. Now head left, up, up, right, and up to get to the last part of the desert. Exit is to the north. You can level up quite a bit at this part of the World Map.

Part II: Spring Breath Town Ulara

Items: Sun Rhapsody, Moon Serenade
Stardust: 3

In the first screen, speak to the gatekeeper, Caron. Head north and take the left-hand path. Examine the rose beds for a Stardust. Take the left-hand path to get to the Weapon and Items shops. Check the left-hand jar on the north wall for another Stardust. Leave and head back to the area where the roses were. Take the right-hand path and the right-hand fork. Go north. See those big red flowers? Go right and up the stairs, then check the "dead" one for another Stardust. You should now have 48. Now take the left hand path. When talking to Charle, ask all three questions and a fourth will appear. After the conversation, take the teleporter at the right for a Moon Serenade. Leave and you will get a scene. Take the lower-left path and go straight down. Take the teleporter to find Miranda and Haschel. Take the teleporter again. Head left and down to find Meru. Then head north to the roses. Take the right path. Albert and Kongol are in the weapons shop. Go back to where you found Meru. In the morning, head to the teleporter.

Part III: Running Around the World Map

Items: None

In the Home of Gigantos, try to pick up as many Sachets as you can from the Piggy enemies and use them against the Blue Birds on the World Map. Head back through the Valley of Corrupted Gravity to Fletz. If you wish, and if you can afford it, go to Lohan and pick up some Legendary Armor and Legend Casques. Even Miranda is worth using when equipped with these. While you're there, you may wish to fight the 00Parts enemies in the area for quite a bit of extra cash - 600G apiece. When you're done, head back to Fletz and board the Queen Fury.

Part IV: Frontier Village Rouge

Items: Vanishing Stone (Martel), 100G, Wargod Calling, Satori Vest
Shops: Weapons, Items
Stardust: 1

When you arrive, climb the ladder to your right. Go up past the Save Point and through the north door. If you have at least 48 Stardust, Martel will be able to heal her daughter. Outside Martel's door, in a pot, is the last Stardust. Give Martel all 50 Stardust and she will give you the Vanishing Stone. The chest near the Stardust contains 100G. Go back to the large room to speak to the Mayor. Take the lower-right exit to get a Wargod Calling. Take the right-hand ladder for a Satori Vest. Head back to the large area where the Mayor was and go down the left-hand ladder. Talk to the people at the north end of the dock to shop. Then head south. After a few minor incidents, a new path will be open. Head to the dock and take the small boat to Aglis.

Part V: Magic City Aglis

Items: Burn Out, Gushing Magma, Magical Hat, Moon Serenade, Angel's Prayer, Sun Rhapsody, Healing Fog, Healing Rain, Psych Bomb/Psych Bomb X, 200G, Healing Breeze, Pretty Hammer

Speak to your party if you wish, then open the door. Use the transporters to enter the main part of the city. To the left is a locked door. Head north to move on. In the next screen, take the teleporter. The treasure chest contains a Burn Out. Take the next teleporter. That treasure chest contains a Gushing Magma. The next teleporter eventually takes you to a Magical Hat and a Moon Serenade. Return to the place where you found the Gushing Magma and head out the north exit. Take the teleporters to a large door with purply light coming from it. Inside this room you will find two strange magical creatures and an Angel's Prayer.

Take the exit at the upper-right. The teleporter leads to a platform with four more teleporters. Take the north one to get to a platform with a Sun Rhapsody and another teleporter, which will return you to the platform with four. From there, take the left teleporter. Follow the chain of teleporters and you will enter a new room. Go out the upper left exit (near Spino). The treasure chest on the next platform contains a Healing Fog. Take the south teleporter. In the next area, you have a platform with five teleporters. Take the south one (on the right-hand fork of the "y") to get a Healing Rain. Go back to the area with five teleporters and go up to the 90° angle, then take the teleporter on the right. You will meet Savan. The "test" answers are below; you must speak to Savan to begin each test.
Kongol: "Take Dart's sword."
Miranda: "For the world," then "I cannot die now."
Albert: "I...cannot do that."
Meru: "I still cannot die!"
Haschel: "I couldn't stop her."
Rose: ----- (No choices given.)
Dart: "I will save Shana no matter what!"
When the test is over, head to the left. Grab any of the teleporters to move on. If you answered all the test questions correctly, you will receive the Psych Bomb X, an awesome multi-use item. If you messed up, you'll get a one-use Psych Bomb. In the next area, the first treasure chest contains 100G. Take the teleporter. The treasure chest to your right contains a Healing Breeze. Take the next teleporter to move on, then make sure you SAVE.

Boss: Last Kraken/Cleones (Water)
Use Final Burst and Red-Eyed Dragon on him, not to mention any Fire-elemental items you chance to have on hand. Destroy the Cleones as soon as they appear, using Additions. He's not that difficult. You'll get the Pretty Hammer for this. Save again and fight your way back to the entrance. Take the Teleporter to Zenebatos. Remember that locked door you found at the beginning? That's where the teleporter to Zenebatos is.

Part VI: The Dragoon Towers

Items: Jade Stone, Blue Sea Stone, Golden Stone, Violet Stone
Shops: Weapons, Items

See that weird stingray-type thing just outside the teleporter in Zenebatos? That is Coolon, your "wings." Hop on and head to Vellweb by way of Deningrad, Kashua Glacier, and the Snowfield. You might want to stop by Lohan on your way and pick up a Legend Casque for everyone, as well as some Legendary Armors. Visit the merchants in Vellweb if you need to and make sure you save. Head up to the Dragoon Towers and go around counterclockwise. The tower directly above where you enter the ring was Rose's; it's empty now. The tower to the left is Syuveil's. Go there first.

Boss: Syuveil (Wind)
Syuveil is like Albert--good at physical attacks/defense and weak against magic. You may want to use Dragoon Magic against him. He's very quick and can use all the Wind Dragoon magic and all the Additions. If you have Dart's Blazing Dynamo Addition, use that instead of turning him into a Dragoon, as it will do more damage. You'll win a Jade Stone for this battle. Head back to the Save Point, where Shirley's power will heal you. Head back up. The next tower (in our counterclockwise progression) was Shirley's, but now it's just a ruin. Keep going to Damia's tower.

Boss: Damia (Water)
Damia is very quick and has all the Dragoon attacks. She's very strong magically but extremely weak against physical attacks. Just batter her with Additions and you'll win quickly. You get a Blue Sea Stone for this battle. Go back to heal if you need to, then continue on. The next tower was Zieg's; again, it's just a ruin now. Then you'll find Belzac's tower.

Boss: Belzac (Earth)
Belzac is a lot like Kongol--not very fast, extremely strong physical attacks and defense, and pretty much nothing in the magic department. A few doses of Gaspless will destroy him quite handily. You get a Golden Stone. Heal if you need to, then move on to Kanzas's tower.

Boss: Kanzas (Thunder)
He is strong both physically and magically, not to mention quick. He also has a pretty decent evade rate. Hit him with whatever you feel like using, and you'll eventually win and get the Violet Stone.

If you'd like to, you can level up in Vellweb for a while. Otherwise, head back out and have Coolon take you back to Zenebatos.

Part VII: Law City Zenebatos

Items: Flash Hall, 200G, Gravity Grabber, Spirit Cloak, Down Burst, Frozen Jet, Burning Wave, Spectral Flash, Night Raid, Rainbow Dress
Shops: Weapons, Items

Head right from the entrance. You'll find a Save Point. Speak to the white Lapto. If you choose "Law Factory" you can use the Item and Weapon shops. You must choose "Legislation Center" in order to change laws, and you will need to change quite a few laws to progress. You must avoid the little white robots. Don't worry about the treasure chests right now. You will probably get caught at least once, and when you are put in the "jail", Kongol will rescue you. You'll find a Flash Hall and 200G outside the jail. At any rate, go to the Legislation Center and stand behind the Laptos. Move up as the line progresses, but make sure you stand behind the blue line until the last Lapto in front of you is done. When you are next, move forward and press X at the ! marker. Tell them it is a revision of the law, not a submission of a bill. The laws and their effects are below.

Law # Effect
339 Allows or disallows you to use the shops
410 Allows or disallows the use of the teleportation device to go to Mayfil (cannot be used until after you've defeated Kubila, Selebus, and Vector)
640 Allows or disallows you to do things without lining up
659 Allows or disallows you to move around Zenebatos without being thrown in jail
666 Enables or disables random enemy encounters
703 Allows or disallows you to go to the Signet Sphere

I very strongly recommend that you change law #659 first, as it will make your life just infinitely easier. Head to the Law Factory and play dodge-the-Laptos again. Inside the factory, speak to the Lapto o the left. It will give you a Law-Launching License. Go to the Law Launcher, where you will find the most challenging game of dodge-the-Laptos. When you've evaded, step on the disc. Having launched the law, you can now get out of here and you will no longer be arrested. The treasures are as follows:
Law Launcher: Gravity Grabber, Spirit Cloak, Down Burst
Legislation Center: Frozen Jet, Burning Wave
Law Factory: Spectral Flash, Night Raid, Rainbow Dress
Now you must change Law 703. Follow the same process as before. Head back to the teleporter and speak to the the Lapto. Once you are at the Signet Sphere, make sure you save.

Boss: Kubila, Selebus, Vector (Dark)
Take out Kubila first, then Selebus, then Vector. Kubila tends to use a one-hit kill attack against whoever took him out. They all have some nasty attacks; Selebus can turn Vector into a damage-dealing giant. Keep hacking at them with additions and you should be fine. After you check the Signet Sphere, you must alter Law #410 to go to Mayfil.

Part VIII: Death City Mayfil

Items: Down Burst, Poison Guard, Stun Guard, Panic Guard, Protector, Frozen Jet, Active Ring, Flash Hall, Destone Amulet, Bravery Amulet, Magic Ego Bell, Healing Rain (x2), Halberd, Spectral Flash

Mayfil can be very tough, but remember, you can always go back to Zenebatos to stock up if you need to. Head out of the teleporter room. In the next area, you'll find an optional boss battle with the soul of Feyrbrand. I suggest you participate in it.

Boss: Dragon Spirit (Wind)
As before, he uses status attacks. Use Additions to kill him. He's not too bad. You'll get a Down Burst for this fight. In the next screen, take the teleporter, then walk north for a Poison Guard. Walk left to another teleporter for a Stun Guard. (There are hidden paths all over the place; you should be able to figure out where they are.) Go back to the platform where you found the Poison Guard. Head right and the teleporter will take you to another screen. Walk south to get a Panic Guard, then right for a Protector. Now head back to the platform where the Poison Guard was and take the next teleporter. You'll find the soul of Regole, another optional battle.

Boss: Dragon Spirit (Water)
Regole's spirit uses both physical attacks and water-based magic. Having Meru in your party is a good idea at this point, since she has a good healing spell and she's very strong against both magic in general and water in particular. You'll win a Frozen Jet for this battle. At this point, I strongly suggest that you go back to Zenebatos to save and stock up. From the room where you fought Regole, take the teleporter and then the north path to get an Active Ring. Go back and take the next teleporter. You will have the option of fighting the Divine Dragon's soul.

Boss: Dragon Spirit (Void)
This fight is, quite simply, a bitch. Try using your Psych Bomb X and your strongest Additions. His attacks work the same as before, but more powerful now. You'll get a Flash Hall for winning this fight, and the treasure chest where his soul was floating contains a Destone Amulet. Move on and make sure you SAVE. In the next room, watch the floor and the colours of the lights as they hit it. If a square turns red when a light strikes it, you can step on it. The room to the left contains a Bravery Amulet. The first room after that has a Magic Ego Bell and a Recovery Point. The next room just has a cinema. The third room has a Healing Rain and a Save Point. Go to the teleporter.

Boss: Lavitz' Spirit (Wind), Zackwell (Dark)
Lavitz uses lots of additions, including Flower Storm. While he's facing you, no attacks will hurt him, so just Guard. Talk to him when you are given the option. When his back is turned, you can hurt him. Beware his confuse-all-party-members attack. Once you've hurt him enough, Zackwell will appear. Occasionally Zackwell will shapeshift into a crossbow-type shape and nothing can hurt him. Additions should be sufficient for this battle; you don't really need to be in Dragoon form. You'll win a Healing Rain and a Halberd. Step into the light to move on, but make sure you are ready to enter the final dungeon, because you cannot get out again. There is a Spectral Flash to your right. Enjoy the FMV's.

Part IX: The Divine Tree

Items: Phoenix Plume, White Silver Dragoon Armor, Moon Serenade, Sun Rhapsody, Healing Rain

Save and move on. In the next screen, the faint sparkle to your left is a Phoenix Plume. In the next, you'll see a fruit of the Divine Tree. Keep moving. The sparkle on the fourth screen is also a fruit of the Divine Tree. The next screen is just a bunch of pathways. Take the stream to the top. In the area where you land, the sparkle is the White Silver Dragoon Armor. The puddle is a recovery point, so you may want to level up. When you're ready, head onwards. The sparkle in the next screen is, once again, another fruit. The following screen has a Save Point at the upper right. Remember that critter that Kongol woke up? It ain't a morning bug.

Boss: Caterpillar, Pupa, Imago (Void)
This creature uses physical attacks and causes various bad statuses, but it uses no magic. Hit it with additions. After you damage the Caterpillar enough, it becomes the Pupa and subsequently the Imago. Caterpillar and Pupa have low HP, although Imago's is rather high. Not that difficult of a fight, really. You'll win a Moon Serenade, a Sun Rhapsody and a Healing Rain. Move on and take the stream to reach the Moon.

Part X: Personal Battles

Items: Frozen Jet, Down Burst, 200G, Spectral Flash, Indora's Axe, Golden Dragoon Armor, Flash Hall, Night Raid, Burning Wave, Gravity Grabber, Detonate Arrow, Dragon Buster
Shops: Items, Weapons, Clinic, Inn

After the little scare over the birth of the Virage Embryo, head right for a Frozen Jet. When you move on, you'll be in a grassland. Keep going and you'll find yourself in a snowfield. Miranda will run off and you will see a cinema, then get into a battle.

Boss: Death Rose (Void)
The Death Rose, fortunately, has weak offense and defense (rather like Miranda.) You cannot become a Dragoon in this battle. Just attack until the boss starts to talk to you. Choose to forgive when she asks you to. After the battle, take the lower path. The treasure chest contains a Down Burst. You'll enter a part of the moon, then you'll seem to be in...Bale? The weapon shop is to your right, the Inn to your left, and the Item Shop is below you. Make sure you purchase the Dark Dragoon's Armor, but don't buy the Gold Dragoon's Armor because you'll be able to find one later. The woman at the piano will play "Claire's Song." There is a Clinic to the left of the Save Point. Go down, and through the door that Claire used. The house to your left has a chest with 200G. Head to the right. The chest there has a Spectral Flash. Head right again.

Boss: Claire (Lightning)
Claire has strong physical attacks and a rather nasty reduce-HP-to-1 trick. When given the choice, choose "Mind's eye, awaken!" This battle isn't too hard. Afterward, head back to Bale, rest, and stock up. Oh, and don't forget to save. Leave by the south exit (the one that the guard was blocking before.) Go down the steps. In the next area, head up the right-hand path. After the scenes are over, head north.

Boss: Indora (Earth)
Make SURE you hit your Additions, or he will counterattack rather brutally. He is low on HP, but fierce on physical attack and defense. If you have Bone Crush mastered, that's your best bet. You'll win Indora's Axe and, if you didn't purchase the Golden Dragoon Spirit in Lohan, you'll also get that here. Afterward, go down the gap in the center. The switch at the left opens a path to the Golden Dragoon Armor. Now leave. The exit is outside and to the left. It lets you out in the Mininto world. Head back to Bale, but first head left for a Flash Hall.

When you control Dart and Rose, head out to the North. To your right is a chest with a Night Raid. Head north again. Take the right-hand path to get to a Burning Wave (beyond the steps.) Head north to fight Michael. Make SURE Rose is equipped with the Dark Dragoon's Armor.

Boss: Michael, Michael's Core (Dark)
You have to just Guard for a while, because your attacks won't do any damage. Rose will finally have to break down and tell you his weakness. Hit his Core with additions. It isn't too hard. After the fight, go down the stairs you saw before. Take the south path and you will end up back in Bale. Leave by the south door and go to the palace.

Boss: Dark Doel, Light Sword, Shadow Blade (Lightning)
Just use Additions on him, and it won't be too much of a problem. Leave and hop into the little vortex again. Head north in the next screen. Meru will disappear.

Boss: Archangel (Light)
The animations for this guy's spells are pretty impressive. He has decently strong attacks and a lovely reduce-HP-to-1 special. Just keep hitting him. Afterward, step into the beam of light in the center. Navigate through this screen. In the next screen, the treasure chest above you contains a Gravity Grabber. Keep going. Make sure you SAVE at the save point!

Boss: Super Virage (Void)
Take out the arm first, then go for the head. He's just like every other Virage you've fought. By the way, his final attack is brutal. He has some really nasty hit-all-party-members attacks. After this fight, make sure Dart is equipped with the Red-Eyed Dragoon Armor. Head north, where you will find a Save Point and a chest with the Detonate Arrow. I don't recommend equipping Miranda with it, as it won't do you much good in the upcoming battles.

Boss: Zieg Feld (Fire)
Use Meru's Water magic if you have it, and otherwise just generally brutalize him. After this fight and the ensuing cinemas, you'll have a bit of interesting conversation and you will gain the Dragon Buster sword. Now it's time for the final battle.

Part XI: The Final Battle

I VERY strongly suggest that you put Miranda in your party. Your choice of the third party member is your decision, of course. I chose Albert because I'm rather fond of his Additions and his defensive spell. Do not equip Miranda with the Detonate Arrow, as this will hinder you rather than help you. I strongly suggest having a Legend Casque and a Legendary Armor for everyone. Give Miranda the Physical Ring to help out her not-so-great HP's. Dart should have the Attack Badge or the Giganto Ring. Give Albert the Bandit's Ring, or give him an Attack/Guard Badge and the Bandit's Shoes. If you're using Meru, give her something to help her HP out; ditto for Rose. Haschel should get a Giganto's Ring. I also suggest equipping Dart with the Bandit's Shoes and Miranda with the Dancer's Shoes. You want your party to be as fast as possible.

First Form. This form involves Frahma and four Tentacles. Take the Tentacles out first, as they can do quite a bit more damage than you can really handle. Frahma has very strong physical and magical attacks. Don't use Dart's new Dragoon Magic just yet. It costs a lot less to have Miranda cast Gates of Heaven, and believe me, you'll want the hard-and-fast power of the Dragoon Magic later. After you have damaged him enough, he will switch forms.

Second Form. Frahma has better defense and offense in this form, as well as some very powerful damaging attacks. He will occasionally suck one of your party members into his body. You can still attack him when this happens; basically the only effect is that you lose the use of your party member for a while. After a few rounds he will expel the captured member, causing damage to both that party member and another. Guard and heal when necessary. Conserve your MP and SP; Additions are still your best bet. After he has taken sufficient damage, he'll switch forms again.

Third Form. In this fight, Frahma can summon Bomb Stars to help him out. They explode and cause serious damage to you. The setting of this battle switches from day to night. During the day, Frahma's attacks will be fire-based. Make sure your characters are at full SP and MP; just keep blasting Frahma with your Additions. When you've damaged him enough, you'll get to his final form.

Final Form. When Frahma summons Monsters, do everything you can to take them out fast. If Frahma curls up into a little lump, your Dragoon offense and defense will be severely reduced. Do not use your Dragoon form when this happens. This is the time to throw everything you've got at Frahma. I suggest using the Divine Dragon Cannon magic. Use Rose Storm to protect your party and generally use your strongest attacks. Make sure everyone has plenty of HP, as Frahma has some vicious attacks that can just destroy your party.

Well, that's it. Sit back and enjoy the ending--you've earned it! I hope this walkthrough has been helpful to you. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or criticisms, please email me at and let me know.

The Legend of Dragoon Complete Walkthrough (2024)
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