The Music Center's Dance DTLA Will Celebrate 20th Year With a Birthday Party (2024)

The Music Center’s Dance DTLA, the popular outdoor summer night dance party on Jerry Moss Plaza at The Music Center in Downtown L.A., will host a birthday party celebrating its milestone 20thyear. All Angelenos who have ever participated inDance DTLAover the past two decades—and anyone who loves to dance—are invited toThe Music Center’s Dance DTLA Birthday BashonSaturday, August 24, 2024, from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.The Music Center will turn up the volume in support of the dance series with revelers experiencing a dance club under the stars. Local DJs, among themSizzle Fantasticof Cumbiatón L.A. andHuneycut, and dance instructors will keep partygoers on their feet with three hours of music highlightingDance DTLA’s dance genres from the past 20 years. The specially priced$60 tickets are on sale now

Net proceeds fromThe Music Center’s Dance DTLA Birthday Bashwill benefit TMC Arts’ free and low-cost programs, created by, with and for Angelenos of all ages.

“Without a doubt,The Music Center’s Dance DTLAis the most successful and impactful participatory dancing series in The Music Center’s 60-year history. Thousands of Angelenos converge every summer on Jerry Moss Plaza for an unforgettable time to dance and express themselves on our spacious outdoor dance floor. To commemorateDance DTLA’s momentous 20thyear, we will celebrate it in a big way—by inviting everyone to the specially ticketed birthday bash,” said Rachel S. Moore, president and CEO of The Music Center. “We have lined up with three special guest DJs, rooted in the L.A. music scene, who will take us on a dance journey showcasing music fromDance DTLA’s most beloved dance genres. What better way to celebrate this highly popular program’s 20thanniversary—and The Music Center’s 60thyear—than with an unforgettable ‘fun-raiser’ party that will allow us to continue providing more free and low cost events and experiences in Los Angeles for many years to come!”

The Music Center’s Dance DTLA Birthday Bashbegins at 7:00 p.m. on Jerry Moss Plaza—the same place whereDance DTLAtakes place each summer. To get the dance party started, guests will be served light bites and join in a champagne toast while the DJs gets them in the festive mood. In between DJ sets, guests can enjoy pieces of delectable cake baked especially forDance DTLA’s magnificent birthday celebration. The best part aboutThe Music Center’s Dance DTLA BirthdayBash: absolutely no dance experience required!

The Music Center’s Dance DTLAdebuted in 2004. Initially namedDance Downtown, it was created as a free dancing event that included easy-to-follow dance lessons and could be enjoyed and accessed by Angelenos of all ages. Two dance genres (swing and salsa) were taught during its debut. Throughout the years, additional genres, such as Argentine tango, bhangra, Chicago steppin’, cumbia, disco, line dance, samba and zydeco, were added to reflect L.A.’s diverse communities and cultures.Dance DTLAhas come to represent The Music Center’s arts programming focus on arts participation and civic engagement in all its activities. AsDance DTLA’s popularity continued to surge over the years, The Music Center sought to leverage the platform to connect participants to additional arts and civic engagements with partners likeLA Commons, theLos Angeles County Department of Public Healthand, this year, withHeart of Los Angelesand theLos Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk. To date, more than100,000Angelenos and dance lovers have participated inDance DTLA.

“Every summer, many Angelenos have transformedThe Music Center’s Dance DTLAinto a family tradition where they can hit the dance floor together and create wonderful memories. The talented, local dance instructors make it so easy for families, and all those who just love to dance, to follow their instructions,” said Josephine Ramirez, executive vice president, TMC Arts, the programming arm of The Music Center. “We can also creditDance DTLA’s longevity to the beautiful summer nights we have the great fortune to enjoy in Los Angeles. Join us on Saturday, August 24, 2024, to create more summer memories, and support dancing experiences for years to come, at the most fantastic dance party under the stars!”

Presenting Sponsor ofThe Music Center’s Dance DTLA Birthday BashisBank of America. Platinum Sponsors are Robert J. Abernethy,Center Dance Arts, Terri and Jerry Kohl, Cindy Miscikowski and an anonymous donor. Champagne will be provided byJP. Chenet,and cake will be provided byCakery Bakery.The Music Center’s Dance DTLA Birthday Bashis co-chaired by Susan Baumgarten and Brian Duck, members of Center Dance Arts Board of Directors. The Music Center’s 60thCelebration Committee is chaired by Jill Baldauf, a member of The Music Center’s Board of Directors.


The Music Center's Dance DTLA Will Celebrate 20th Year With a Birthday Party (2024)
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